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my thread has 10(!!!!) pages... :eek:

Go Thor... you oldies need a thread too!

As for the wolf who looms in the corners of Sciforums... when you hit 1000 posts we'll create a thread in your honour ;)
Hehe, feeling old Thor?

Don´t take it too hard...well, even my thread has more responsen... but hey at least some people care for you when you are absent too long :D
Too long? I was away for 9 hours, that was all, 9 freakin' hours!
I know, but those who started this thread must think that when you are absent from sciforums for nine hours you are probably dead or worse. :D
People really reaLLY REALLY care aboutchya then!

Originally Posted by jadedflower
As for the wolf who looms in the corners of Sciforums... when you hit 1000 posts we'll create a thread in your honour ;)

Ya promise??!!! *:) Smiles hopefully then beams*
We promise to make it, but whether we'll be at the party is another matter.

Hey Thor, do ya watch Invador Zim? I know it's a dumb question, but . . . just wond'rin'. :D
I have every released episode on my hard drive. One of the funniest shows ever. I think it's joint #1 with Family Guy
How'dya get them on yer hard drive??!!! And have they canceled it? Cuz I don't ever see it anymore. In fact, I never thought about it until I joined SciForums and saw yer avatar :D.
Downloaded them. There were some download sites before the DVD was released in the states. But they didn't think about the UK did they! I spent a whole week downloading the latest series from Kazaa Lite ++

And yes, it has been cancelled but it may return as there is huge support for it.
Why was it cancelled when there's huge support? That makes no sense!

Gee . . . first it was about you Thor, now it's about Invador Zim. We at SciForums must have the attention span of a perimecium.

Did I spell "perimecium" right, and is it in singular? DAMN LATIN!!!!! :D
Well the producers decided it'll be clever to give the show little advertising and put it on Nick. Zim is way too dark and clever to be put onto Nick. Also, in the UK it was shown at 0730 on weekend mornings! Do you know how hard it is for me to get up at that time on weekdays, but weekends! Gah! Took a lot of effort I can tell you.
7:30??!!! Only freaks like Michael Jackson could even be capable of waking up that early on a weekend and live to tell about it!

Ah, I remember the good ol' days, when Invader Zim used to be the aired almost every day in the afternoon. We Americans were lucky, I guess.
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