Thousand dollar pet


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Thousand dollar pet

Transgenic Pets is working with cattle cloning expert Jerry Yang of the University of Connecticut, US. According to Professor Yang, an allergen-free feline could be available for sale by the year 2003. It would come with a $1,000 (£709) price tag.

The company is still looking for funding to carry out the work. It intends to knock out the gene that codes for the protein linked to human allergic reactions.

"Allergic sensitivity to cats has been attributed to one major protein that is secreted on the cat's skin," said Ms Avner. "The cats that we produce will be like any other cats except they will no longer have the protein that causes an allergic reaction in human beings."

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this is sick.

having a pet, ok, most people tread pets good.
But changing pets because that's much easier for us to have it, that's sick.
You keep a pet, because it is an animal, he is different.
Animals do have their specific features, and you have to deal with that. pet.

And offcourse, I think it is wrong to 'change' a life-form.
Totally agree with you KneD...... how can we humans manipulate the genetic make-up of another species just to suit our environment?

But hold on.... we (humans) have being doing just this for thousands of years by breeding out certain characteristics of certain animals. It's only now that we can do these in the Lab.

.... how many wolves do you see walking around town on a leash.
Allergy is psychosomatic.

And it´s really just unnecessary to genetically alter animals to fit our mental and emotional disorders. But since it has already happened, then there will be some other purpose, not yet discovered for it too. Because everything happens for a reason. :eek:
Allergy is psychosomatic. - Tell that to the multi-billion dollar drug companies.

Yes - everything happens for a reason. You put finger in a light socket and you get a shock. The key to living is understanding the knowledgebase behind "the cause & effect" relationships.