Time & the Science of Perception & Human Behaviour

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by RainbowSingularity, Apr 25, 2021.

  1. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    image caption For 40 days and 40 nights, the cave-dwelling volunteers swapped modern comforts for basic necessities

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    Discussion topic
    concepts of perception of time & how that interacts & effects human cognition & group behaviours
    (individual behaviours must be subject to group critical interactive function[religious naval gazing preaching will be reported/prosthelytizing content ])

    have you experienced different perceptions of time when you associate & de-associate with groups ?

    does personal alone time take on different concepts of time measurement ?
    are group time concepts forced by overt collectivism at the loss of content value ?

    Abstractionism, welcomed

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    Kathryn Lasky grew up in Indianapolis, and is married to Christopher Knight, with whom she lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She received a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Michigan and a master's degree in early childhood education from Wheelock College.[1]

    She was the 2011 winner of the Anne V. Zarrow Award for Young Readers' Literature[2] and her work has received many other honors and awards.

    Her adult nonfiction work includes the 2011 book, Silk and Venom: Searching for a Dangerous Spider, a biography of the arachnologist Greta Binford,[3] and the 2017 bestseller Night Witches, the story of Soviet women pilots of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment in WWII.[4][5]

    Kathryn Lasky

    Thinking - in particular abstract thinking, which most of us are introduced to through the study of mathematics and literature - helps us learn that we can become problem solvers.

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  3. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    Time, subjectively speaking, passes at different rates. It doesn't necessarily pass at different rates depending on whether you are in a group or not. It may if you don't enjoy being in a group.

    Group think generally does come at the expense of the quality that comes with individual thought. I'm not a big fan of groups but it still comes down to the individual.

    Groups may often behave badly or with less thought but my thought process doesn't change just because I'm in a group. I just find myself at odds with the group more often than not.
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  5. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    what do you mean by "badly" ?
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  7. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    What do you think I mean? It's a subjective term but I think you can figure out what I mean.

    It can mean anything from just behaving loudly or being inconsiderate of others to (in a political context) rioting even though the underlying cause may be good (you define "good").

    In the past people have gotten hung or lynched by groups. In the broadest sense, it just means that when people are in a group "thinking" may not be going on as much as "emoting".
  8. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    your playing guessing games in a science subject ?

    your hedging your bets to assumed moral values
    moral values that have not been defined
    and moral values that in terms of group action and individual rights
    supersede the rights of the individual

    it is fairly easy to give a simple example of the group good & bad actions as you mean them

    telling me i should already know is demanding i conform to your set of pre defined social moral ideological religious concepts
    which is not liberalism or scientific

    and when we look at the narrative of your post
    we see a sense of subjective terms attached to absolute definitions of good or bad as a group action
    which politicizes the content to a religious moral abstract
    instead of a scientific reality

    i am well aware of peoples different types of indoctrinated thinking and that many are incapable of thinking independently free from these overt systems of absolute fascist ideological profiles.

    do not think that by playing with the subjective term of meaning of good or bad as a subjective value against group actions
    fools me into changing the subject
    or undermining the nature of scientific terms for actions of human behaviors

    if you are making a value judgement
    then you must be able to define the action that is being valued

    instead you play games
    seeking my agreement with your self purported position of assumed superiority

    i ask again to be polite

    you said
    what is an often bad group behavior that you define as bad ?
    and how is it bad for the individual ?

    simple language is best to avoid it getting to mixed up

    what is quite interesting on a psychological anthropology level is the back channel hate toward the french by the USA republican party
    i find that quite fascinating
    i think it has to do with feeling held to account of being moral hypocrites because of the statue of liberty and the romantic license of culture franc holds of romantic desires of women all around the world

    that quite back channel invalidation narrative
    says more than it doesn't say
    but that is a different thread
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2021
  9. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    I assume that you know the difference between "your" and "you're" but you never seem to use "you're" when that is the correct form to use. You use citys when the correct spelling is cities. Why is that? Just curious?

    It also appears that you think it makes you appear more intelligent to use disjointed "wordy" language that doesn't flow well. It doesn't have that affect on others however.

    Even though I said that you probably know what I mean I still gave examples and yet you are now asking for examples. I gave examples.

    Often groups don't think about what they are doing as much an an individual would do. If you asked an individual about racism that would likely give you some examples and would express how they think we should deal with racism.

    In a group, they may burn down a local business and loot the store for some free Air Jordans. They may rush to judgment in the case of the police without even knowing the circumstances.

    That's not to say that individuals don't make mistakes either. Often people support policies that make them feel like they are being helpful when they aren't actually being helpful.

    You seem to think that taking money from a wealthier group and giving it to a poorer group is helpful. Actually it just results in a race to the bottom. It hurts the economy, a smaller economy isn't good for the poor. It hurts them the most.

    The fact that there is wealth inequality exists only because we live in a system where there is excess wealth. For much of history that wasn't the case. It just meant that most everyone was poor.
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  10. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    I think you mean "effect", though......

    Heh heh

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  11. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    The dangers of the game...

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  12. gmilam Valued Senior Member

    What is a "quite back channel"?
  13. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    You mean that quite back channel invalidation narrative? It has to do with the statue of liberty and the romantic license of culture franc holds of romantic desires of women all around the world.

    I hope that wording embarks upon the cerebral cortex trail leading to the library of your understanding in the human condition status state that you find yourself in.

    Dummy. You're so level 2. Don't feel bad, 95.38% of all people are at that level.
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  14. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    But why are you doing this in black and white? Shouldn't it be in colour?

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  15. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    Color is for when I'm off my meds. I'm on them today.
  16. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    lol typo
    quiet back channel = sub narrative (what people are discussing and projecting as the meaning between the lines as characterizations of meanings using terms and emotional characterizations inside what they say & do)

    when the walk doesn't match the talk
    walks like a duck quacks like a pig flu
    talks like a liberal acts like a dirty caveman

    yes it should be
    but some peoples perception is only capable in monochromatic bi-partisan reality
    they have been brain washed to only think in either/or formats
    so sometimes i talk directly to the reader whom ever they may be
    monochromatic realitys et-all

    hitler was a christian masturbator in boy shorts & had a thing for young boys in uniforms
    brown shirt realitys of black & white mandates of perception
  17. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    what did you say you did for a job in another thread ?
    wrote policy advice ?
    policy advice for financial policy ?

    and wealth is all about working hard & has nothing to do with classism ?

    sounds like your running your own offensive defense
    living in classicist fear
    but that's just a behavioral observation while i try and validate your meaning of your narrative.

    must be a small world knowing your the one word god of all financial dogma

    must be hard never having anyone disagree with you
    how can you trust anyone to be your friend and not trying to sabotage your career and social(professional) status

    user pays
    users plays

    because i say so policy wonk-ism

    usa 1.9 trillion dollar economic bail out by Joe & the democrats
    and you claimed in another thread USA is financially going really well and stable

    because ... ? because your making the financial policy that caused it ?
    kinda sounds like it
    small world when you live in ivory towers

    i dont think the usa can afford any more of your financial policy advice of "just work harder"

    how much did trump bail out with stimulus cheques ?

    total bail out must be around 3 trillion by now

    your perception of time & financial health appear to be not mainstream

    so your priory accusations of elitism appear to be self serving transference
    & admission of your own guilt.
    Reverse psychology victim blaming gas-lighting
    because its all your fault ?
    perception of time walking around at the top of your ivory tower ...

    is my spelling and grammar ok ?
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2021
  18. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    Your spelling and grammar are never OK but you know that (I think).

    You don't have much figured out, it seems. I'm retired, I've worked in several different areas. Writing financial policy is not one of them. I have worked in commercial international banking. I've also working in engineering and I've also worked for myself by simply investing money that I saved before that point.

    I've never said that working hard is the goal. Working smart maybe. Investing maybe. I've said nothing about working hard, ivory towers, and all the other misperceptions that you have about everything really, me, the U.S., economics, you're not correct or well informed about anything as far as I can tell.

    Linking awkward phrases together does not a coherent thought make.

    I've certainly never concerned myself with career or professional status. I think you use that sort of thing as an excuse to not be "successful" (however you want to define that). It's easier being on the outside kidding yourself that you could be doing well but aren't because you just choose not to.

    You don't really have that choice do you? For some reason you are on the outside barking at the inside. It's just self-inflicted damage, you do know that, right?
  19. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    hopefully you are not working "iv'e also" in education or English language subjects

    must be difficult talking with people who do not just agree to everything you say all the time.

    your personal un educated poor grammar opinion is noted
    here you are trying so hard to play your mind games
    slightly adjusting the subject to try and change the subject
    so you can just say no to anything you choose

    anyone can search your content to find your comments you posted saying anyone who is poor is poor because they do not work hard enough and the way to change being poor is to work harder
    that was your personal opinion about why the current economic system and wage rates should not be changed

    you also posted several times you dont like trump
    is that because you oppose the stimulus cheques ?

    you also posted that the American economy is doing really well
    right in the middle of the worst economic recession in recorded history

    anyone can search those posts of yours to find them if they want also...

    perception of human behavior
    you think i cant see the animal underneath that needs to inflict the suffering & watch it
    but that is who you really are at heart
    that is your own perception
  20. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    some human behaviours do not change regardless of time ...

    monkey dancing on a chain
    looking for a reason to complain
    telling monkey thy bidding must be done
    wipe my nose & clean my bum
    clean up my mess now i look bad
    because i feel very sad
    dance monkey dance

    square dancing narcissists ...
  21. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    I didn't say "iv'e" I did make a typo with "working" rather than "worked"

    That sounds more like something you would say (hard work), not me. We don't generally pay people by how hard they work. You can dig ditches all day long and never get rich.

    I do agree that the primary way (in the U.S.) to change being poor is not to change the economic system nor to raise wages arbitrarily like that. If you are a high school graduate you can either work at McDonald's for life and remain poor or you can become a plumber, electrician, fireman, etc. and do well. Invest your money and you might even become wealthy.

    I don't like Trump because he is an idiot. I'm not opposed to more targeted stimulus given the Covid environment. I don't have a big problem with the stimulus checks but I don't think they were targeted very well. If you didn't lose a job due to Covid I'm not sure why it makes sense to send a check.

    It will stimulate the economy but you could send me a check every week and it would stimulate the economy but the cost wouldn't be worth it.

    This is why I say that you aren't very well informed. This isn't the worst economic recession in recorded history. It's had a rapid recovery (in the U.S.) and the real impact was limited to some retail (and a bonus to other retail). For those that it did hit, it was painful of course.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2021
  22. arfa brane call me arf Valued Senior Member

    Perception is biological.

    It depends apparently on the existence of timers, biological clocks, and a whole lot of them (how do neurons communicate without timers?).

    So you're essentially a clock, a biological one, asking itself what perception of time is.
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  23. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    My 2 cents

    My perception of time is NOTING change and associating the change period with a arbitrary length of the arbitrary dictated units time has been assigned

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