Time to change the site name?


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Seriously! I've been here for years and during all that time I've seen a declining number of genuine science posts and threads. It appears that now well over 95% of them are either religious, pseudo or - worst of all - fringe.

When I do a "New Posts" listing I get the feeling that I'm in the wrong place - like one of those woo-woo sites promoting psi or paranormal nonsense (and I never visit those places except when someone posts a misleading link).

I usually stay logged in just for convenience sake but perhaps I need to visit just once every week or two in hopes of finding something with real substance.

Anyone got any suggestions as to how to attract some actual quality again?? I sure hope so!
Post more threads R-O. Maybe that will attract the posters you wish... And how about you invite your friends.
Since 2005, when I think I joined I have always found the site to be very heavy on the pseudo and the pure nonsense. I have never felt that mods exercised much control over this aspect of it. I participated largely because one could be much more provocative than on most of the other forums, not for the quality of discussion. One issue - in my view - is that the mods to not have a consensus view of what the forum is about. And some of them should not be mods.

If we want more science on the forum then you have to clean out the dross and that has to start at the top. Were I the site owner I'd do a clean sweep, bring back the demonstrably knowledgeable and reasonable mods and add new ones, removing quickly any who didn't meet the new standards.