To all members of this forum, thanks


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I cant give this forum enough praise. The entire sci-forum but especially the eastern philosophy and philosophy forum should get some kind of award or if you have already received one, another one should be awarded. I have to say that the members on this board are great minds and you all supply information and thoughts which are better than any Tao,Buddhist, Hindu(except maybe for the exception of the scriptures.) sites or books out there and most importantly thoughts which are new, fresh and applicable in these modern and strange days we live in. Whenever anyone says they want to learn about this and that, I say before you go buy a book see what the members on sci-forum have to share with the world. I hope you understand that your ideas out there are valued by myself and probably many others so thanks.

We all do our best...and thank you for doing the same on your part. It is a pleasure to watch my baby grow with no string attached. :D