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I have a question about questions. Well, about asking questions. Its not the grammar, its the inflection/intonation/stress/accent that i can't get. Where, in the following phrase, would the stress fall on the word in order to change the statement from a statement to a question?

"Voy ponyeymayetya baRrrusskye" Where on the 2nd word would the stress fall?

Thanks for any help!

And in case nobody has any idea what i'm talking about, just ignore this :D
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actually i think it is

Vi ponjemaitji po Russki?
[ i like in sit ]

but if use your way
"Voy poneymayetya baRrrusskye?"

the phrase is
do you understand Russian?
Yes sorry about the spelling..but thanks Avatar, i think i have a better idea now about where to put the stress on the word in order to make it a question. Thanks! :)

And yeah, that's what the phrase means
no prob- need any other help, ask

but nothing to do with writing- I've forgotten that
can read smthing for you though:)

One question. Earlier when you replied to my post underneath the phrase you put [i like in sit] what did you mean? I didnt get that at all :confused:
that the letter i is pronounced like in the word "sit" in the first word "Vi " ("vi " like in "vitality" or smthing very simmilar)

it has no "O" sound in it
Well i'm sorry i don't agree. It might not be like "voy" but its definitely not like "sit". I don't know on the CD's i'm using it sounds sort of like "Vwi" or "Vui" if you know what i mean? That's for the Bbl word..the "bl" letter is such an odd sound.

Edit: "Bbl" = "You formal" i believe..
yeah- Vwi is more correct- but not Voy
(it has like a hidden b sound- not possible to write with latin letters)

yes- Bbl is formal
unformal would sound like Tbl
I only speak one word of Russian (dosvidonya) :p but I keep meaning to learn it. I have a site bookmarked in case I ever get around to it - here. Hope it helps. :)
yeah I was.
Though, I must admit, I had only several hours of trainingin Russian, and that was 10 years ago.

how time flies
Merlin - dosvidanjia is a single word.

"Voy ponyeymayetya baRrrusskye"

I go with Avatar - you bring your voice up on the "ye" before "tya". I don't have a Cryllic ability on my keyboard though so can't write this properly.
you can also say these 4 words to every russion you meet

it's emr....a greeting ....right a GREETING:D

idji sratj, djebil njenormaljnij
lol Avatar :D

same thing in other words

poshol nahui kaziol nedobitij

better say it when you say goodbye and when you walk away from that person, try to tun :D