to vax or not to vax

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by sculptor, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member

    It seems to me that the whole thing is a little more complicated ....

    Southern California suicides down during coronavirus pandemic — but not among young people
    In three of four Los Angeles-area counties, suicides among minors rose in 2020, causing concern about isolation during distance learning

    Suicides in Florida on the other hand were down in 2020.... Florida had much less restrictive measures against Covid 19 than either California or New York.

    Suicides in Queens rise since mid-March compared to 2019 as concerns about mental health grow during coronavirus pandemic

    For the record I will not state that I absolutely will not take a vaccine but.... I will be waiting for the last possible moment to do so for several reasons, one of which is that my province Nova Scotia has an incredibly low incidence of Covid 19 and I know that if I so much as feel a sore throat I go and get tested. I had one test in July of 2020 and I was negative. I upped my intake of natural anti-inflammatories and haven't even had a sore throat since then. I did that because I prefer to not have to take the test again if I can avoid it.
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  3. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    how many of those suicides are military personal & x military personal ?
    what were their professions ?
    were they on anti-psyche meds
    were they on anti-depresants ?
    were they waiting operations and on pain medications ?

    usa suicides are out of control

    so posting slight changes in suicides in the usa as a sign of some type of environmental impact of lock-down to try and suggest lock-downs are bad
    is not very honest

    mental health in the usa has been manufactured to be in a state of crisis for the last few decades
    its all about money and killing off people to harden up the poor working class to support a user pays national health system to manufacture private profit via a private health system
    (population control/sacrifice)

    how does that relate to vaccination ?
    via public perceptions and fake media
    i am guessing USA has the largest amount of anti-vaxers in any 1st world country

    are you scared of taking the test ?

    getting tested doesn't stop you from infecting your friends sick child or parents and killing them

    vaccination is not primarily about saving the life of the individual, but instead saving the lives of the majority to give more hospital access and health care to a wider number of people so the over all population can be saved from collapsing into jungle warfare

    may i personally ask you to not include suicide as a topic inside vaccination subjects when in any of my threads please
    (unless you have studied suicide)

    in which case
    start a thread & be sure to post the link in when you bring the subject up in vaccination threads
    & show the direct link to why you think they are related
    (an opinion would suit me as long as you clearly label it your opinion)
    i am not very hot on the idea of installing a ghost concept of public horror of suicide inside those attempting to decide if they trust modern medical science enough to get vaccinated
    or get their children vaccinated
    thats my personal opinion and request, im not reporting and making a complaint unlike some who wish to control the subject and peoples freedom of expression
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  5. Bells Staff Member

    Can you please link where you got the Florida information from.

    And the giant text and colour changes is just annoying.
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  7. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member


    the quotation is from paragraph number seven...... across Florida, according to,and 16 percent from 2018.

    A pandemic plus: Florida suicides plummeted. Experts worry it won’t last
    According to preliminary Medical Examiner’s statistics, 2,975 people committed suicides in 2020. That’s a drop of 13 percent from the previous year, and 16 percent from 2018.

  8. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    "working from home"
    "forcing couples to spend more time together"
    "showing up their lack of compatibility and negative personality aspects"
    "lack of emotional development and how it is exacerbated by lack of self development in domestic co-habitation groups"

    if everyone is as dumb as a rock and sexually stereo typed and kept in line like military conservative religious fundamentalism
    then it doesn't matter
    there is no liberty and no creativity of the human spirit

    people are reduced to their function as an expression of their self esteem and group value & ego

    hence mass shootings murder suicides and domestic homicide in the usa being completely out of control

    "suicide" is a false god as a core driver statistic in the primary causative function of mental disorder caused by "lock-downs"

    but surely you knew that already ?

    i would go further to suggest
    "suicide caused by lock-downs" is a propaganda media piece of a terrorist act on society as a public media spin

    you can spin it off as being all free speech and adults choice to freely engage
    but intellectually & emotionally as a level of equal maturity
    it is like walking into a room of conservative religious teens and starting lecture them on the complex self esteem and style concepts of porn stars

    the moral horror
    has been normalised as being done to someone else
    and then not caring about someone else
    and companioning to "being not powerful enough to change the outcome"
    and then demanding a gun

    do you discuss suicide and advanced sexual development with teenagers ?
    what age group is the suicides in ?

    to vax or not to vax

    is suicide a deliberate propaganda subject to divert debate around vaccines ?
    so acclimatizing the helplessness of being unable to prevent suicides
    the emotional dogma profile is cast to demand the same position toward covid19 transmission

    to emotionally disassociate from the victims ?

    i will inevitably get vaccinated(almost 100% over the next 10 years)
    but i may have the luxury of waiting for the 2nd strain vaccine class which may be signifigantly better

    no field trials in US history track 1 million field test subjects
    the current kill rate of blood clots
    being 1 or 2 in a million
    would never be discovered in current conventional field trials
    so its all new un charted territory

    dont let the psychopaths take over the science

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  9. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    i am not calling Dennis a Media terrorist
    i am highlighting the vast similarities in subjects that are very difficult and scary to the general population to discuss or watch & listen to on public TV prime-time media spaces

    suicides & drug overdoses being an excellent example in the usa
    where it should be prime time TV family discussion level
    but its not
    sweeping it under the rug instead of educating to up-skill & evolve

    i like to debunk fake surveys
    particularly when they relate to suicide & drug over dosing
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  10. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    7,447 across Florida, according to,and 16 percent from 2018

    US suicides dropped last year, defying pandemic expectations
    Suicide had been the nation’s 10th leading cause of death, but dropped to 11th in 2020.

    so we can see when we read Christines comments as an intellectual

    we can see the potential impact of anti-vaxer devisionism media causing an increase in suicides

    if that is our subject area ...
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  11. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member


    Here in Nova Scotia it is common knowledge that substance abuse has been up substantially during this past year. Apparently the situation all across the USA is similar to what has been happening here.

    A Pandemic within a Pandemic: Substance Abuse Rises Amid COVID
    Recovery advocate Tim Ryan tells EHS Today how families, employers and communities can support those who battle with substance abuse.
  12. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    excellent subject & involves the needles loss of thousands of employed professionals & peoples dearly loved family members
    but completely off thread subject and so i cant comment on it
    if you wish to start a thread on it then i will jump in and join you.
    massive crisis in most countrys

  13. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    i wont choose astrazenica or johnson & johnson's existing vaccine

    if they bring out something new & once it hits 2nd gen then i will choose that if another has not already hit late 2nd gen and is standing up like a shining star

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  14. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member

    I am in a similar position......
    There are often less than ten new cases here in Nova Scotia per week and I live over a hundred and fifty miles from Halifax..... so the probability of my becoming contagious with COVID 19 is astonishingly unlikely, (and I would go get another test if I so much as felt a sore throat, which is a pretty effective response to this), so I want to wait until close to the time when I actually need to travel before I take a vaccine... which could be another year or more?! (I would love it if a vaccine became unnecessary for a number of possible reasons).

    Several weeks ago you gave me the name of a film starring Steve Carell, "The Big Short." I watched it the same day you gave me the name and it reminded me of a statement in the number two documentary regarding the Dr. Stanislav Burzynski anti-neoplastons cancer research. Dr. Burzynski or one of his assistants made the statement that a high ranking member of the Obama administration toured his clinic..... and admitted that they personally LOVED what they were accomplishing but..... they admitted that they could NOT go public and endorse Dr. Burzynski;s treatments because......... he reasoned that the USA economy could not handle another 2008 bubble!!!!

    From what I have read something somewhat similar ... but somewhat different...... happened over the last year! The vaccine was estimated that it could well bring in A TRILLION dollars to the Big Pharma industry! "Journalists" on CNN and Fox and all other Mainstream Media outlets.......
    depend largely on BigPharma for advertising so.......

    ... they simply were NOT totally intellectually honest about the various treatments for COVID 19. This will be understood within a year or two and some people could be in a lot of trouble over this. The death toll from COVID 19 could potentially have been a tiny fraction of what the death toll was but...........

    ... the idea of a TRILLION dollar windfall for BigPharma.....
    causes otherwise courageous people to think and rethink their position......
    and journalists on BigMedia are not free to tell all the truth... all the time.

  15. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    some things just do not get discussed
    such is the way of the world
    & i am just a little nobody

    regardless of that fact look at India & its culture around the virus

    modern 1st world liberal secular morality is very new to the human species
    it is very easy for those born into privilege 1st world to incorrectly assume that such moral financial & intellectual equality is a norm.
    its simply not the case
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  16. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    different thread subject
    usa social moral culture
    universal health care
    independent media
    big small left or right of center pharma do not employ scientists to act as a charity to give away money AND pay tax
    they do it purely for profit
    that is usa morals

    to vax or not to vax when you cant afford the vaccine that you cant trust is a difficult decision

    how many American cant afford to get the vaccine ? 0 ? so all Americans can get vaccine for free as liberal 1st world universal health care
    but most of the world cant afford it
    so they cant choose it

    so to choose to vax or not to vax
    you 1st must be capable of getting the vaccine

    Government contracts to monopolies...
    blaming big greedy corporations when those corporations are run and controlled by American republican party policy

    ... ?
    who in a country where vaccines cant be afforded, would choose NOT to accept a trillion dollar windfall
    what is intellectual honesty ?
    ... ?

    to vax or not to vax was decided by usa medical insurance executives when they were back room negotiating with the republican party policy controllers and administration

    who can choose to vax versus who has no choice of any vax ?
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  17. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member


    True... it seems off topic....
    but if you watch one or two of the documentaries regarding how Dr. Stanislav Burzynski was treated for finding the only proven cures for various types of brain tumors.....
    you would know that the same type of intellectual dishonesty is not only something that takes place in the third world....
    but is very much at the very top of what is being promoted in the wealthy nations as well.

    If effective cures for cancer can be hidden.....
    so can low cost effective cures for COVID 19. From what I have seen on various videos the death toll from COVID 19 could have been a fraction of what it was......
    but certain people in places of influence were not doing a very good job of abiding by the Hippocratic Oath.

    When you research Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine extensively..... you will know what I mean..... The fact that they were extremely low cost seems to be one of the reasons why the BigMedia attacked these effective treatments in order to make it look like the vaccine was the best way to go.

    You are absolutely correct that the corruption is all across the political spectrum and is not owned by any one political party. Both CNN as well as Fox news are extremely guilty in the deceptions that took place over this past year.
  18. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member

    I have heard that herd immunity is building up in India very rapidly.
  19. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    Politicians and business owners and business associations and private equity groups are not subject to the Hippocratic Oath
    and in countrys where the national health system is private, like the USA
    the Hippocratic Oath means nothing
    the usa break the Hippocratic Oath thousands of times every day by placing profit before peoples health
    that is the American system

    the only countrys where the Hippocratic Oath means something is those countrys who have universal health care
    all the others are fake hypocrites & vote in their elections to support their hypocrisy.

    so are they anti-vaxers ?

    im guessing its only a matter of formalized few days before the astrazenica type vaccines are all book-shelved
    [as i need to do other things my editing time runs out so i am changing how i post to include things so i post it rather than lose entire posts to running over the editing time allowed.]

    who owns media ?
    big corporate private interests
    the same people who own and pay for lobbyists who pay money to politicians to buy laws and buy de-regulation and buy monopoly contracts
    all very legal in the usa and common practice in most countrys

    you are talking about Tucker Carlson ?
    is he an anti-vaxer ?

    a lot if not most of those upper class elitists live in small privileged worlds where they have very little risk of catching a cold virus from a random member of the working class.
    so their need to be vaccinated to protect their life & their familys lifes is vastly different risk grouping and risk values.
    they also can get hospital treatment immediately when ever they choose.
    unlike working class

    so their choice to vax or not to vax is completely different values morals and real life risks to health and income than average working class
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  20. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    to vax or not to vax
    can i afford it ?
    who is paying for it ?

    you are talking about the usa
    where class systems rule
    class systems sit above political party power
    so you see upper class children and family being employed by both party's with opposing moral ideologies as common practice.
    they also get given privilege contracts and jobs in upper class systems funded by working class tax.

    it is a cultural class system that is sought as the most desirable class system by the majority of Americans as a chosen culture economic & financial control system

    calling it "corruption" is inaccurate and un-helpful
    it is not corruption when that is the intended and collectively supported system

    most of those people who walk in to their local high security star bucks to buy their morning tea or coffee which the working class are paying for
    consider that action as being slumming it with the common people
    with common values
    when in reality everyone is putting on a stage production for cash as that is their job
    no body talks out of line or off script

    to vax or not to vax ....

    so the star bucks worker is on minimum wage in a top class neighborhood
    but no one wants to pay for them to get vaccinated
    even though they can all afford it
    but the upper class demand the star bucks coffee server workers vaccinated to protect them against covid,
    while they choose to vax or not to vax
    as a personal freedom

    THAT is corruption
    it is called moral corruption it is also normalised as part of american culture

    do not copy n past my content to other sites
    instead , post a link to this web site to the thread post
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  21. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    Only applies to doctors who takes it

    Not applicable to countries or organisations like Insurance Companies

    In Australia we have a version Registered Nurses take

    Seeking to couch his skepticism by positioning himself as “pro-vaccine,” as he's said in the past, Carlson began his monologue by declaratively stating about the vaccines: “We are not against it on principle. Like every American, we are grateful.”

    He did go as the article states tin foil hat when the blot clot pause had him saying "perhaps the vaccine doesn't work but government not telling"

    Stranded in Bali girlfriend Inul received her free vaccination. Said I could get mine free. Turns out I need a Indonesian ID number. But to receive a Indonesian ID number I need to change my visa status

    THAT would cost me $1,000

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

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  22. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    what about a catholic charity med who you can make a voluntary donation to & get a free jab ?
  23. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    he is the upper class right & liberal go-to common guy of the little peoples opinion
    so he is playing into that role
    that is his dye
    that is who his wages get paid for
    to fill that role

    republican coal miners daughters husband

    cheap fake copying church service to pre hypnotize the audience into a belief mode so he can sell them lies and half truths
    americans love it more than porn
    it is the american #1 form of escapism

    splain spinnners call it
    defining the narrative
    when in fact it is dictating the pre defined terms of fact
    while spinning a false narrative as a form of propaganda

    to vax or not to vax
    who to believe

    side note
    gender distribution on post vaccination blood clots ?
    is there any link to any other meds like womens meds
    so the vaccine can avoid being dumped and maybe safely given to men below a certain age without risking all the private sector litigious nonsense ?
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