Trader Joe's fires employee who sought better Covid protections

The other day, I went to the grocery store. As I was fondling the avocados as a man and wife passed by. She was wearing a mask, he wasn't.
I did not ask why.

i was observing this a week or soo ago.

what i was wondering is if women are not wearing masks as a show of patriarchal emotional support for thier husbands who are anti all things girly, and masks are inherently girly and Muslim but also american outlaw bandit
so its really confusing

what happened with trader joes ?

here we go

Trader Joe's rehired the employee who was fired after asking for increased COVID-19 protections

Mary Meisenzahl
Mar 4, 2021, 5:02 PM

“It’s been a stressful week since then, but it makes sense that they offered to reinstate because it was a completely unlawful termination,” Bonnema said in a brief telephone call with The Daily Beast on Thursday.

Late last month, the grocery store employee posted to Twitter that he was fired for sending the letter demanding better air-filtration systems in Trader Joe’s stores, a limit on the number of customers in stores, and a requirement for customers to wear masks.

The tweets quickly gained traction online. A scientist who Bonnema cited in his letter tweeted his support for the ousted Trader Joe’s staffer, and the former head of the Department of Occupational Safety and Health Administration shared Bonnema’s story, saying it was a “violation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act to retaliate against a worker for raising safety concerns.”


But on Thursday, Bonnema’s lawyer Ben Dictor said the company’s quick reinstatement showed the spokesperson’s statement—which appeared in many national outlets including CNN and The Washington Post—was ultimately false. (Dictor is a labor attorney who also represents the NewsGuild, a media workers’ union that represents staffers at many outlets, including The Daily Beast’s editorial union).

“While we are pleased that Mr. Bonnema has been rightfully reinstated, we will continue to take all necessary legal action to repair his reputation that has been disparaged by the company through false accusations that my client engaged in misconduct,” Dictor said. “We are also committed to ensuring that no essential workers of Trader Joe’s face any further retaliation for raising concerns about their working conditions.”

out of court settlement for damage to his reputation
& emotional damage
company re-instating him avoids the company being found criminally liable
now they can define it as a management issue rather than c company culture issue towards health and safety.
avoid a big expensive investigation.

how much money ?
thats a hard question in the usa where everything is user pays so you must pay for everything
thus all money must be several times more than any universal services country

can he reasonably expect to be employed by another nation wide chain ?
probably not ! ! !

so thats big money
the damage is done they must pay up
how much does the lawyer get ?
50% 60% ?
he needs about 150k to walk away with so that's 300k settlement(maybe 500k cash)
it is quite odd reading that clause "at will"
in a country where money is everything
thus it says the employment contract is almost worthless

so in turn the employee value as their time value in sale/lease/rent to the employer is assigned as almost worthless.

often you hear the argument by business saying they need guarantee and insurances...

so when it comes to someone turning up to open the doors to let the customer in so they can give you cash ...
you would think there would be a bit more of a commitment to enshrine that in value

but there is not
"at will" says the employee is almost worthless
which is how the business wish to maintain the power system of values
yet what is this about their "company values" ?

quiet obliviously a wider debate is urgently required around labour laws & front line employee contract laws to make sure people are worth something in their employment contract which is signed up to.
why would employees need to be adjusting their own values and systems to meet the employers/business value system with no equitable contractual license from the business ?

"at will"
= worthless

as a thought
if the employee is signed up contractually to obey & adhere to the company's values, on pain of "at will/firing"

then the company must also be equally accountable to that same contractual definition of "Company values"

keep in mind im suggesting 150k for the employee after legal costs plus lost wages
keeping in mind once he looses this job
most if not all other national chains are highly unlikely to hire him
based on the damage done by Trader Joes.
the damage must be paid for like a broken car

the repair bill must include wages to cover medical insurance living costs and other normal life costs over a period that would lead to his retirement and/or costs of re-training and time off looking for a new career.
the damage is done, most big employers wont employ him
so his wages need to be paid out to his retirement

there is your starting point

same guy ?
too gay for trader joes management ? (too much competition for management? they dont want any gay managers?)[how far are we gunna run with that ball because its highly likely in play to some extent on a personal level?]
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