Unified field theory

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Also, Brian, you need to stop spamming multiple threads on the same topic. Also, trying to pass off ChatCPT texts as your own work is a no no. Stop that.

Have a nice day.
I might even kill this site for fun if you make an enemy of me you just wait.
If you don’t want to contribute that’s fine I can do it myself, so far I haven’t detected the major mistakes...
Are you telling us that you're an expert in general relativity and quantum field theories, then? You understand all the relevant maths and stuff?

Are you an employed academic? At which institution? Your speciality must be theoretical physics to have such in-depth knowledge and understanding.
It’s my work James first of all terms and conditions of ChatGPT states that they will not take ownership of any work even if it was created from scratch.
You're contradicting yourself. Stuff you cut and pasted from ChatGPT cannot be called your work. You didn't produce the text. ChatGPT did.
.... so to respond to your claim that I was passing of ChatGPT as my work clearly shows me you don’t understand artificial intelligence...
I understand plagiarism.
... and for the record it’s my work I have ownership, copyright and publication dates for this work...
Really? What are ChatGPT's legal terms regarding ownership, copyright etc.? Where can I see those?
... and I checked it my self so far correct, my theory is more accurate than general relativity, it makes more accurate predictions.
Oh. Good!

What predictions does it make that are more accurate, specifically? And how did you confirm the accuracy of the predictions? What experiments did you carry out?
Remember AI could not accomplish this without me it would not know what to do, I gave it specific instructions to build my thoughts in my head, in which it did with impeccable accuracy!
I think you're giving yourself far too much credit. If ChatGPT spits out some text that you don't understand, you call that building thoughts in your head?
For the record the reason no one comes here anymore...
You came. That's an indicator of the quality of this site. Right?

If you're too good for us, nobody is tying you to a chair here. You can check out any time you like.
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