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Science Links — Ethics & Responsibility

The American Journal of Bioethics

• American Medical Association

• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

• The Hastings Center

• Women's Bioethics Project

• Other

Science Links — General

Invitation: Please contribute

Greetings, salutations, and welcome to the thread for posting links both useful and relevant to discussions in Science & Society. The list will be revised and extended as more links become available. As members post new resources, I will periodically attempt to incorporate them into the list above.

A few brief notes regarding expectations:

Advocacy & Advertisement — Sometimes it's hard to find a bioethical source that is devoid of advocacy. Use your best judgment. Two examples that I omitted from the list above: One was an alternative medicine news blog run by a lawyer; each entry offered a basic summary of an issue culled from headlines, and then reminded the reader that the law firm could accommodate their needs if this sort of thing came up. The other was the main page of one of the blogs listed above; the main page was mostly to advertise the project itself, and beg for support.

"General" science links — You know, I intentionally skipped APOD. While I adore those fantastic pictures of the stars and such, I couldn't figure a reason why it would be important to our discussions at this time. Do your best. I might omit certain links from the master list, but I won't delete them from the discussion. And, hey, just because I don't see the connection doesn't mean someone else won't.

Categorizing links — Right now, there are only two categories. We don't really need a whole lot for this thread, but don't let that discourage you from suggesting new categories. In the meantime, would members please include their assessment of a link's category along with the link? It will help with the periodic updates of the master list.

Narrow or Broad? — Specific articles probably won't make the master list, but include them as you see fit. Dear Science makes the master list, but "The Lingering Consequences of National-Socialism, or Thoughts on Science in Europe" does not. I would prefer the general resource (e.g., the website) be the list link, as opposed to a more specific article.​

All of this is flexible. The larger goal is to create a resource list for members seeking information and inspiration. Keep that in mind, is all I ask.

Thank you for your contributions. Any suggestions regarding format and presentation are much appreciated, too.
Hoping this may be of interest;

How science works:


This flowchart represents the process of scientific inquiry, through which we build reliable knowledge of the natural world. You can use it to trace the development of different scientific ideas and/or the research efforts of individual scientists. Most ideas take a circuitous path through the process, shaped by unique people and events.
Move your mouse pointer over the flowchart to reveal an additional level of detail. Click on items in the flowchart to get further information in Understanding Science 101.

The interactive version is available in the below link