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:) :) who here has listened to the new Bjork CD, Vespertine??

I have!!
...and yes I found it to be grounbreaking. In fact I am listening to it right now.
Does anyone really understand Bjork?
Is she insane?
A crazy European artiste?
Do we bother....
Sorry for the insanity but Bjork is especially sane at the moment
I wouldn't be surprised at a Grammy nod(best album)this year==

the metaphor is especially relevent, Bjork hid in her self-consciu=ously intense music world and created music for so long, experiencing rapid swings and volatility
no point to volatility...
Now she steps into the open, unafraid, coming home in a simple way...beautiful especially.
Bjork is so amazing. She defitnitely has her own style and sense of music.

Her new albumVerspertine is wonderful and I think one of her best yet.

I wish they would play more of here music down here where I live.