Watching people die. Liveleak

got to "inside her head" then stopped watching.cant handle things like that.watched a thing about bed mites and thats more than enough ick for today.
haha.,thanks.with things like this i usually wait for the first comment anyway.i decided to be brave and it backfired :'(
That is so gross. The two days she had to spend with that stuff on, knowing it was dying inside her head must have been...awkward.
honestly the threads started making me one was listening to anyone elses point of view so i left for a while.interesting threads were deteriorating into semantics.
recently looked back in and a topic caught my eye and now im hooked again :p

edit:am a little suprised anyone remembers me...didnt seem like i was able to make much of an impact before.
edit:am a little suprised anyone remembers me...
we have an encyclopedia now. why don't you add your two cents to it. you gotta register. plazma suggests that you use your sciforums name although not everybody did (does?).
cool.,might add a couple of things.would be good to try to put something down,have never really tried to organize my thoughts.
Aw, jesus. Nasty.

Lmao.. that's unlucky. Lucky to be alive, but hardcore unlucky in the first place. They should have left a hole in him to carry things or do something at a circus.

He went back to work 3 months after the operation? Well, assuming it had healed, he was due back at work and needed some money... ?