We ain't got nothing on Frankenstien


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In another thread I mentioned that we might want to call this the “Age of Manipulation”. Not long after I ran into some info that has been percolating waiting for a place to connect. I guess that is here.
We’ve been fooling around with our environment for quite some time. Affecting things that we have no idea of until later what we’ve done. It wasn’t a big deal was always the thought because if you screwup here you can go over there and start again. And small blunders where the effects were restricted to a localized area.
Increasingly we find we have jumped over the threshold into something entirely different. That the effects of our muddling are both long lasting and far-reaching. Look at PCB’s,CFC’s. PCB’s showed up in whales, a far cry from where they started from. CFC’s shows up with the ozone depletion far away from they’re initial starting point. We have been considering the releasing of free radicals to help clean up the environment. It seems that these free radicals have infinity for knocking out the ozone destroying cfc’s. Actually a wide variety of pollutants. But it to has a string. Free radicals can also combine with the nitrogen in the atmosphere. The nitrogen will soak’em up much like a sponge and water. What other Frankenstein type ecological distracter awaits such actions?
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