What Are You Watching Right Now?


Do you watch/listen to tv while you're here? Do you have the tv on in the corner of your computer monitor?

I'm watching/listening to John Hagee preach about marriage.:eek:
i only just recovered the TV from my flatmates room the other day, havent had a chance to watch it yet, being a weekend and all. i have been watching lord of the rings for the last week or so, just a few hours every night to wash down the beer and weed.
I enjoy the discovery channel as well as the history channel. I'm always enjoying learning about the world around me and what we humans are doing to it. I don't watch to much regular TV for there's not much on any longer that is worthwhile to me.
Why not go out and live a little, meet people and have interesting disscusions with others instead of watching something that won't happen until you die? Seems we should be living more and worrying less about the hereafter since no one knows what really happens after we die. There's only a belief in what comes next, once you believe then you should live instead of always discussing what happens afterwards, wouldn't you agree?
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I have a full day's worth of entertainment lined up:

10 -1:00- documentary on exorcism and posession

1:00-3:00- Stigmata

3:00-5:00- Documentary-Was Hitler an Atheist?

5:00-8:00- more exorcism and demon's
Because I do go out and live a LOT. But I need spiritual food and the best way to get it is from great teachers: The Bible, John Hagee, Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, etc. I am a spiritual sponge in the morning. I get at least 3 hours a day of select tv teaching. Then in the car it's CDs/Christian radio. Early morning and last thing at nite it's Bible reading. :worship:

There is a full day of activity in-between.;)
Your avatar kind of creeps me out.
It should.

As I explained to someone once...

I chose that picture for a few reasons.
That picture is Charlies Manson's LIFE magazine cover, and I guess it's a bit of a comment on a nation that would put him on the cover of their most widely read (at the time) news magazine and turn him into a celebrity.
It's an event that marks what I really see (though some may disagree) as the point when this country's morbid obsession with celebrity simply for the sake of celebrity reached a sad point of no return.

Another reason is one thing about him that has fascinated my curiosity (not really about him but the whole series of events) was his claim to be the Second Coming of Christ.
Now, I don't believe him, I think he's simply an insane, deranged man that was undeservedly vaulted to celebrity status, but since I was a kid one question has always hovered around my mind, "What if?" I think mainly because I think it would make a great story.
The other curiosity for me was how people reacted to his claim. I don't think they rejected it because he got people to murder for him, but simply because he claimed it to be so. Anyone who claims to be Christ is laughed at, ridiculed and out-right rejected (usually locked-up) regardless of their actions. So it brings another question to my mind, "What would Christ have to do to convince people, if it is even possible?"
I can't help but imagine him coming back (not that I necessarily even believe in Christ myself) as the long -awaited return of the king, and him laughed at and institutionalized.
Hell, he could even be in a mental ward as we speak.

Anyway, the short of it (even though it's a bit late for that now ;) ) is that I am endlessly fascinated by people's reaction to him specifically and "potential saviors" in general.

Can you put someone hot in there?
Yes I can, but I will not.