What Are You Watching Right Now?

anything you fancy is keen to me, adoration unprecedented and tender to touch
Ah fancy a gen'rous belt o' "Squeeze" on a Satiddy mornin'...

Why would he be watching? I doubt if he is even a Christian.
Why would liberals be watching ?

And he quit his political job unlike all the democrats who did the same thing/worse than he
did. :rolleyes:
No he didn't.
Thought about it, though - and it's the thought that counts, or so they say !

Matter of fact, he was just last week issued a smart slap on the wrist by the "Senate Ethics Committee".
(Talk about your oxymorons - not to mention the morons serving on the committee... or in the Senate.... hell - in the whole thrice blighted gov't ! )

Senate Ethics Committee Admonishes Craig

The letter included unusually stern language for the Ethics panel, not normally known for its tough treatment of colleagues.


You're right about the Dems doing the same sort of things, though...

Give 'em all the National Razor, sez I...