What does it mean for somthing to become ionized?

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This is not my board so my authority is only general, but you guys are coming pretty close to a flame war, which is a violation of the forum rules.

Please IMMEDIATELY halt the personal insults, which include both blatant sexual assumptions and derogatory inferences about the other person's education. Please IMMEDIATELY cease using words like "nonsensical" and "incoherent" so extensively. We all become frustrated and spout off, but we're scientists so we can surely criticize a line of argument more articulately than that.

Bishadi, I'm a well-educated man with a background in science and I find your posts just as difficult to understand as Trippy does. The burden is on you to confine yourself to a more academic writing style, something everyone here can follow. I have read your posts on other boards and note that in general your grasp of science is a little whimsical. Peer review is one of the basic steps in the scientific method, and your hypotheses almost invariably fail to survive peer review. Other members frequently have to put considerable effort into explaining the extent of your inaccuracies, in order to prevent misleading the young people who come here looking for good science.

Trippy, if you're a scientist then presumably you're going to spend much of your time teaching. In any case that's what we spend much our time doing on SciForums. You have to learn how to deal with difficult students.

This thread has degenerated to the point that it has no content, which is a textbook definition of "trolling." So both of you, please STOP IT.
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