What if the Earth was as big as Jupiter?

Yes, would be my one word reply. Intelligence is based upon thought not kind and it is only arrogance that dictates that only a human can express it. We are just more articulate about it (and destructive!). "We come in peace, shoot to kill" :rolleyes:

If we can have intelligent life so prevalent on this planet, why not elsewhere, in different forms?
i cant see why not, after all we are a liquid life form with only a thin solid shell (actually we are a solution)
Assuming the geology of the Earth is the same, but the size was as big as Jupiter, and the world population was the same as it is now.

I'd think that everyone would weigh so much they would not be able to move very easily. Everyone would weigh at least 100 times their weight now.
1.) What do you think would be the effects on society?

2.) Would we, in 2008, still have unexplored areas of wilderness left in the Earth?

3.) Would there be vast areas of land uninhabited?

4.) Would our industrial activities not be enough to harm the environment?

1.) Our society would probably look exactly the same with the exception of more resources, which would definitely affect the class system somehow.
2.) Yes, of course. We still have unexplored areas on THIS Earth.
3.) Again if this is just a big Earth, then it will have big deserts, and vast areas uninhabited.
4.) Probably, but it would take longer due to the larger planet size.
Well, one interesting concept would be people driven away, instead of getting killed. Since one could say most wars are about resources, when the resources are so plenty, there is no need for wars. Of course after a while the planet still would be occupied and there would be huge technological differences.
Effects on society. We know the logistical problems guys.

Edit: seemed we figured this out. I was only on page one when I posted that.
I read somewhere (can't remember where, sorry) that a solid planet (i.e. like Earth) could only be about 3.5 times the mass of Earth before gaining so much mass that it started retaining a vast atmosphere and became a gas giant. Question--in about 2000,000,000 years time, when the Sun is a lot hotter than it is now, and the gas giants have had their atmospheres burned off by the excess heat, will the races then existing in the Galaxy be able to make use of the remnant solid cores of the gas giants?
I am wondering if Jupiter could be terrformed :| what would be required to see this happen?

You could spin the planet until its atmosphere was torn off by centrifugal forces--that would expose the core, which could then (maybe) be terraformed. Alternatively a really advanced civilisation would be able to use a small black hole to suck the atmosphere from the planet, exposing the core.
Jupiter Earth-like man


That fucking disgusting.
So, all our governments are of jovian descent - figures. They are alien to the rest of us.
I am writing a book - not a very good one - but still...

It is set in space but mostly set on a planet other than Earth. This planet has a total diameter of 1,572,824 kilometers, a density of 21,350.208 kg/m3, a volume of 1.5489903e+16, a total mass of 2.08802e+28, a surface gravity of 220.613 m/s2, and Neptune sized moons.

I was just wondering if this was possible in real-life. Also, yes... Before you ask; There is life on this fictional planet. That is the magic of storytelling, after all.
I have to agree with you it is very interesting, the earths magnetic feild is as bigger than jupiter, if we filled it with gases the earth would look just like jupiter:

there is always the chance that inside all of that gas on jupiter that there is a planet just like earth or at least the same size.

Made of metallic hydrogen.