What if you do to save the planet?


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Ok I want you all to be honest and share your small contribution to heading off climate change.

Speaking out is good and that is acceptable here...some situation where you stood up in front of opposition and stated your case.

Better still if it resulted in a first fight and went to court.

But what I want is your personal sacrifice to reducing your energy consumption..me I use half the tooth paste I once used...that is easy as I have half the teeth I once had
.... there is other stuff like using a solar panel to recharge my phone when I could plug into the grid but that would sound boastful.

Seriously what do you do?
How many watts do you use a day? Do you even know?

Is your consumption above or below world average..and water..how much water do you use...and bullets...only enough to put food on the table? What size is the motor in your car 1200 cc or more? I am a speed freak 1600 cc auto. I save on tooth paste so why not.
Is your consumption above or below world average..

Id guess my consumption is about average even tho i try to foller Gods lead when he said "waste not want not".!!!

I dont toss out usable clothes just cause they have a stane on ‘em or a loose stitch here an thar.!!!

My work hoodie is 50 years old an them gloves are almos 60 years old.!!!
Them shoes ant gonna last to much longer but still got a little life in ‘em.!!!
I have some fairly new go to town shoes an some real nice go to church shoes... which will likely last me from now on :)

by Carbon foot print is around 1/3 of the average person if you do not count my transport to and from work.

How many watts do you use a day? Do you even know?

only relevant for those who burn coal to make electricity.

the main push to reduce electricity consumption has been done to make more profit for the cmpanys who sell electricity.
They are doing so to avoid having to pay for better power lines and less carbon producing new methods.
They are hoping that the tax payer will give them billions of dollars to pay for new power generation and new power lines so they can then take even more profit while not paying for the lines or power production.

it is quite surprising that this is not being talked about in the media, but a large proportion of that is because industry is one of the large users that get government subsidized power.
so they are profiting from it and dont want it advertised.

obviously in the usa coal is HUGE when it comes to electricity production and is has lots of vote swinging power in republican states to hand power to the republicans which is why the republican party are climate change deniers.
the republican party maintain power and profit from maintaining the lie of climate change denial.
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My contribution to saving the planet is to help reduce population growth - by not having any bio-children. I'm still raising my children, I just didn't add any more to the planet.
I'm not doing anything for that reason but my current carbon footprint isn't particularly large. I don't have a boat, large house, I don't travel much anymore but I do use all the toothpaste that I want. :)
Ok I want you all to be honest and share your small contribution to heading off climate change.
Two EV's - one BEV, one PHEV. I use the PHEV for my daily commute. It only has a 30 mile EV range (after that it switches to gas) but 95% of my driving is EV-only. I get gas about once every six months. Wife uses the BEV to get the kids to school.

All LED lighting.

10kW solar power system. It used to cover 120% of our power usage, now (with two EV's) it covers about 80%.

Battery storage system, connected to backfeed the grid when there is a power shortage. There's a service called Ohmconnect that sends me a signal when the grid is stressed; that enables the battery.

We switched to a mostly plant based diet about 10 years ago, but now we have 2 kids and we definitely eat more meat now. (Although they'd be happy eating nothing but pasta.)
Seriously what do you do?
No mini-mes (firm decision, early on, mainly in response to overpopulation... and that was at about 3.5 B)
Stopped eating meat 1983. Still buy it for the damncats, though.

Haven't bought new clothes, shoes, books, linen, appliances or furniture in decades.
Reuse all possible containers as many times as they last. Recycle where possible (no, i don't trust them anymore, but still do it from habit)
Fill one regular garbage bag for most two week pick-ups; compost organic waste; empty litter boxes in the abandoned gravel pit.
The only new things we buy are electronics and we use them progressively - the older computers are gradually demoted to less sensitive functions; we recently got out second-ever cellphone (it lives in the glove compartment, for emergencies) Made ourselves a major indulgent present of a big flat tv about six years ago.
We rarely go to restaurants, never to movies; once in a while a concert or play at local theater.
No vacations; travel only by road, within 200Km, for business.

How many watts do you use a day? Do you even know?
I knew that once, about ten years ago. We got a kill-a-watt device and went around hooking it up to everything in the house for about three weeks, figuring out where the waste was (biggest waste: electric dryer - got rid of it, replaced with rack in bathroom; microwave keeps chuga-lugging watts even when not in use - got a much smaller one and put it on a switch; put most everything on power bars with switch)
Had to do that to determine what size solar array and how many batteries we needed. It takes care of pretty much everything we need, with mains top-up at night in the winter. We pay $5-12 a month for electricity + $50 for 'delivery')
Is your consumption above or below world average
About 92% below Canadian; no idea about world.
..and water..how much water do you use.
As much as I need. I'm not a clean-freak. We have a good well and on-demand propane water heater; use cold for laundry. There's plenty for a small vegetable garden and indoor plants; no stupid lawn.
..and bullets...only enough to put food on the table?
No, I just use scissors to cut the chard, kale and bok-choi in the hydroponics.
What size is the motor in your car 1200 cc or more?
Don't know. Hyundai Accent; new every five years to keep maintenance costs down. Keep to speed limit on trips to town twice a week.
That's our biggest luxury, except for liquor....
...which reminds me... time for a beer and some blanc-mange of a christmas flick, because i'm a little ahead of monthly band-width allowance.
In my opinion, there are many things we can do to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, for example:
- use less plastic;
- eat less meat;
- reduce water waste;
- cut down on energy in your home;
- install solar panels (https://a1solarstore.com/solar-panels/360-watt-solar-panels.html);
- use less paper and recycle more.
I did all that...any improvement that you notice?
I am on solar with batteries, tank water etc mainly cause there is no grid power or water supply...it's doable and fun..if the Sun shines all day I can use my desk top computer later.