What is the best punk band ever?


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I reckon the best punk band ever is the sex pistols because they just don't give a shit about anything. They're anachists and they sing anything about angthing like they slag off the queen and they don't care. They're music is excellent as well plus they're lyrics are.
What are your thoughts about them?
Sex Pistols are good. Heh, I always crack up on old interviews with John Lydon. I love how he doesn't take any fake BS from interviewers and the like.

Back in high school though, my favorite band was Good Riddance, from Santa Cruz.

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Saw the Sex Pistols years ago at Talisyn Ballroom in Memphis. Absolutely the worst live performance I've ever seen. There wasn't a true musician in the band. Just a lot of racket. They were fucking God awful.
I'd have to go with Suicidal Tendencies. They kinda skirt the line between punk and metal, but they began as skateboard punk. Violente femmes had a good song or two as well, never heard much of their stuff though. I've always thought the Sex Pistols were overrated.
Spyke said:
Just a lot of racket. They were fucking God awful.

Impossible to argue with - maybe good in their hay-day due to them being, can i say 'unique'?

Famous for one song does not really make them the best punk band ever.

In all honesty i just don't like punk. :D
"Famous for one song does not really make them the best punk band ever."

If that's what you think of the Sex Pistols, then I don't think you're qualified to post in a Punk thread.

In my humble opinion, the only punk band ever was the Sex Pistols.
If you ask people in my year, they'll tell you that Blink 182, Sum 41 and other crap bands with numbers in their names are punk.
Personally, I find that the term "punk" refers specifically to an era, a mentality, a style which can't be reproduced now.
People to tell me to get with the times, after all, Pop isn't what it used to be, and Rock is more than Buddy Holly.

But I refuse to ever qualify Good Charlotte or any other pop/rock shit as punk.
I like punk, but I don't like an individual band. There are a few songs from each "punk" band that I like.
The envelope please

Ramones ... Sex Pistols.

I put a few bands that I didn't really listen to before The Clash ... but I didn't really listen to them, either. But The Clash does warrant mention.

Regarding the latest punking of punk, there are a number of bands that I won't even name, because to mention them in connection with punk in the first place would be sinful, even to denounce them.

However, I will mention one, and I don't necessarily hold with the classification entirely myself, but some around me have called The Offspring punk, and that's officially the bottom of the punk barrel for me.

On Edit:

I decided to go look up two words to see if they occurred together enough on the web to overcome my typical prejudice toward including the band elsewhere.

The "ayes" have it.

Mudhoney is the best punk band ever. I generally don't think of them as punk, but it turns out I might be the only one.
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Ramones' "Warthog" is the epitome of punk. I don't think the Sex Pistols are terrific since they haven't much ability with their instruments.

Too bad punk's dead, since the Man decided to replace it with money-grubbing pop-punk boy-bands.

The Offspring is definite punk (at least when punk picked up ska) but it's all before their album Smash.
No one's mentioned AFI? They are the best in my opinion, but I am not a huge fan of the genre. Great musicians, a great vocalist, and amazing lyrics.
Sex Pistols without a doubt, one of the few true punk bands, thing is they admitted their songs were complete bollocks and most people still like it, definately not over rated and anyone with the never mind the bollocks album knows that they have more than 1 good song.