What is the best punk band ever?

Arditezza said:

Anything after them would be judged based on their sound and feel. Everything else imitated them, and then propagated. Sex Pistols weren't prolific enough to be counted amoung the best. And I saw them live as well, and frankly they sounded like bunch of pre-teen wannabe's in person.

AFI, Rage, and Mudhoney are not punk. Angst does not mean punk. Anger, does not mean punk. They are Angst-Rock at best, but not punk. Rage comes close to being punk if it weren't for all the BS Hip-Hop and Rap undertones and various sound bites from other music they throw into their sound. They are too pop to be prolific as well, because they tried to hard to be liked by too many people.

Punk music was a statement more than it was a particular sound. It was a feel and a movement more than it was a music genre. Punk music gave birth to several music genres in the same way Grunge music gave birth to alternative. But to say that all Alternative is Grunge is silly just like saying anything with a hard sound and hard message is punk.

A Different Kind of Tension

"wait here, go there come in, stay out be yourself, be someone else obey the law, break the law be ambitious, be modest plan ahead, be spontaneous decide for yourself, listen to others save money, spend money be good, be evil be wise, be foolish be safe, be dangerous be satisfied, be envious be honest, be deceitful be faithful, be perfidious be sane, be mad be strong, be weak be enigmatic, be plain be aggressive, be peaceful be brave, be timid be humane, be cruel be critical, be appreciative be temperamental, calm be sad, be happy be normal, be unusual stop, go live, die yes, no rebel, submit right, wrong sit down, stand up create, destroy accept, reject talk, silence speed up, slow down this way, that way right, left present, absent open, closed entrance, exit believe, doubt truth, lies escape, meet love, hate thank you, flunk clarify, pollute simple, complex nothing, something stop, go live, die yes, no rebel, submit right, wrong sit down, stand up create, destroy accept, reject talk, silence."

~The Buzzcocks
The buzzcocks were great pop punk as were the undertones but best punk band ever i think not. :(
I think that many of the best punk bands never get famous. When I go to Toronto, some of the punk band that are playing in the clubs are very good. It's a hit and miss thing for getting a record contract let alone publicity.
but the were a thing band. you know... put together by the industry types.
how can they be punk after that.
surely, that sort of classes them as 'actors' or something?