What is the New World Order? (Don't discuss the WTC)

Re Shock and Awe.
The idea borrowed from Blitzkrieg and also from the bomb on Hiroshima,
but it contained a new emphasis on demoralising the enemy by a show of overwhelming power and by destroying infrastructure.
It works particularly well on the type of army that will lay down their weapons and run away if they are demoralised.

I can remember being sickened by it at the time,
but in retrospect it worked, and probably saved lives.

Actually, a major portion of the ordinance used in the "Shock and Awe" in Iraq contained DU (depleted uranium), literally tons of it.
There is every possibility, and some serious evidence, that that DU has and will continue to have a serious impact on "lives" for a long, long time to come.
Needless to say, that impact is not exactly saving "lives".
Captain, the DMOE has been giving you good answers but here is a book for you. The sad thing is that this was written almost 60 years ago, so the US power structure was recognized and analyzed that long ago and it is still as valid as gravity.



1.American democracy is now only a formality; State and Corporate entities became hardly distinguishable; democracy is being dominated by the corporate chiefs.
2.As the focus of the power elite "shifted their attention from domestic to international affairs" (read: from colonizing the Americas to colonizing all of it), warlords became very influential in US politics; State and Military became hardly distinguishable.
3.The economy is now both a war economy and a private corporate economy. Not the politicians but the warlords and the corporate chiefs decide about military actions.

Again, this is from 1956.... Also see:

What do you know about them?
I think you know a little more than you are saying.

They are a knowledgeable group of individuals who are trying to renter Heavens gates after their nature got them in trouble with God. Like knowledge. All that is known is not good so the omniscient must leave Heaven. All that is able. I able good I able bad. The able must go from the passive one.

I think they are the host of the fallen angels. As far as he NWO goes im not sure. Maybe Omni is trying to do some good. They are good natured vs transgressions and the un-holy but their natures leave loop holes. Like I know over bad things but the perfect and passive have nothing to do with bad things other than the fact they are omniscient and must know bad things or be called ignorant.