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from the Urantia divine revelation itself!:
(page.paragraph) Paper:section.paragraph
Urantia said:
(1.1) 0:0.1 IN THE MINDS of the mortals of Urantia — that being the name of your world — there exists great confusion respecting the meaning of such terms as God, divinity, and deity. Human beings are still more confused and uncertain about the relationships of the divine personalities designated by these numerous appellations. Because of this conceptual poverty associated with so much ideational confusion, I have been directed to formulate this introductory statement in explanation of the meanings which should be attached to certain word symbols as they may be hereinafter used in those papers which the Orvonton corps of truth revealers have been authorized to translate into the English language of Urantia.
Urantia said:
(1007.4) 92:4.4 There have been many events of religious revelation but only five of epochal significance. These were as follows:
(...) 1., 2., 3., 4. (...)
(1008.2) 92:4.9 5. The Urantia Papers. The papers, of which this is one, constitute the most recent presentation of truth to the mortals of Urantia. These papers differ from all previous revelations, for they are not the work of a single universe personality but a composite presentation by many beings. But no revelation short of the attainment of the Universal Father can ever be complete. All other celestial ministrations are no more than partial, transient, and practically adapted to local conditions in time and space. While such admissions as this may possibly detract from the immediate force and authority of all revelations, the time has arrived on Urantia when it is advisable to make such frank statements, even at the risk of weakening the future influence and authority of this, the most recent of the revelations of truth to the mortal races of Urantia.
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For example, see this cool quote from Urantia (it's the only time the 1,111 number appears):
the Urantia Papers said:
(865.4) 77:8.11 The 1,111 loyal secondary midwayers are engaged in important missions on earth. As compared with their primary associates, they are decidedly material. They exist just outside the range of mortal vision and possess sufficient latitude of adaptation to make, at will, physical contact with what humans call “material things.” These unique creatures have certain definite powers over the things of time and space, not excepting the beasts of the realm.
You can also download this Revelation in almost any format: Urantia .org :rolleyes::jason:
Also see this recent post from the Urantia .org website!!!:
'Smart Religion'
in: Inspirational
Date: Wed, 09/11/2013
Author: Mo Siegel

By now many of you are having an allergic reaction to my categorizing The Urantia Book as a religious text. No offense intended, but to most people, a book that begins with God and ends with Jesus is a religious book.

By Mo Siegel, president, Urantia Foundation, Boulder, Colorado, United States

Today, August 21, 2013, I am sitting at my computer thinking about the Master’s birthday. Ironically, 2.5 billion Christians celebrate Jesus’ birthday in December while only a small group of Urantia Book readers celebrate it in August. Since Bible and Urantia Book readers believe in Jesus, do people really need The Urantia Book or is it just one more religious text among many? And if The Urantia Book is valuable, what sets it apart from all the other religious books?

By now many of you are having an allergic reaction to my categorizing The Urantia Book as a religious text. No offense intended, but to most people, a book that begins with God and ends with Jesus is a religious book. I agree. While the Urantia Revelation teaches philosophy, history, and science, many other books probe these subjects in much greater depth. But The Urantia Book presents the most dynamic, hands on, elevated, complete, and smartest religious teachings in the world! The Urantia Book, like none other, leads your mind and soul directly to a loving, intelligent, and personal God. The Urantia Book is the most religious book in the world and is absolutely unique compared to all the other religious texts.

A few days ago I finished reading a book titled Contagious-Why Things Catch On, by Jonah Berger. This book challenged me to think about what makes The Urantia Book unique and different from all other books. If you had to lean across a fence and tell your neighbor why the Urantia Revelation is “one of a kind”, relevant, and worth their reading, what would you say? If you’re like me, you’re never quite sure how to adequately describe the book in a compelling way that gets someone interested.

For 44 years I’ve attempted to explain why I read The Urantia Book and why others would benefit from reading it. It feels like I’ve tried at least 20 different approaches with none of them being particularly effective. At times I’ve gone off on bold and endless stories about seven trillion inhabitable worlds, a loving God, higher beings, dinosaurs, and Jesus. Other times I’ve tried simple narratives about the life of Jesus, the Trinity, a personal God, or even the evolution of the species. Looking back, very few of my descriptions have been catchy, relevant, or inspirational to the listener.

After reading Jonah Berger’s book, I’m trying a new tact to explain The Urantia Book to interested people. But first I had to answer what makes it compellingly different from all other religious books. To me, the answer is “smart religion.” In truth and in fact, The Urantia Book contains the smartest religious teachings in the world. While many of the world’s sacred texts promise salvation, life in the hereafter, peace on earth, Jesus, and contact with God, The Urantia Book gives the details. The book is filled with uncommonly smart religious teachings that provide answers found nowhere else. It promotes a religion that needs to be felt and intelligently understood. It answers life’s deepest questions in a thoughtful, rational, and spiritual way. This book is smart, really smart. And who doesn’t want to feel smart?

Last week I started testing this new approach. A few months ago I spent an hour explaining The Urantia Book to my friend Steve. After our conversation I sent him a book, and we didn’t see each other again until the other night. Steve thanked me for the book and said he was interested but got lost after trying to read the Foreword. So I said something like this: “Steve, The Urantia Book is smart religion. You have to think your way through this book. It’s not easy because it’s so smart. People are going to be pondering these teachings for the next 1,000 years. Just plow ahead. If you don’t understand everything, keep reading. You’ll get the big picture by the end. When you’re finished reading, you’ll never think the same way again, and you’ll be glad about that.” I gave Steve no apologies because parts of the book are written at a Ph.D. reading level. I challenged him to step up to smart religion. Steve’s response: “I like to think of myself as smart. I can read that book, and I’m going to. Thanks.”

I’m not sure if this new approach works, but it sounds probable; so I’ll give it a try. In the 20th century entire nations of people turned against God because the religion they were brought up with didn’t make sense in the modern world. Maybe they need a new smart religion commensurate with their intellectual and cultural development.
'UBtheNEWS: Various Scientific Corroborations, Urantia Book'

youtube.com/watch?v=nXyM5Em9-dM (7:50 min)
'UBtheNEWS Adam & Eve Report, Urantia Book' youtube.com/watch?v=CJW__Z1EkGY (4:05 min)

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Consider this from The Urantia Papers:
the Urantia Revelation (published 1955) said:
5. The Modern Problem

(2075.4) 195:5.1 The twentieth century has brought new problems for Christianity and all other religions to solve. The higher a civilization climbs, the more necessitous becomes the duty to “seek first the realities of heaven” in all of man’s efforts to stabilize society and facilitate the solution of its material problems.

(2075.5) 195:5.2 Truth often becomes confusing and even misleading when it is dismembered, segregated, isolated, and too much analyzed. Living truth teaches the truth seeker aright only when it is embraced in wholeness and as a living spiritual reality, not as a fact of material science or an inspiration of intervening art.

(2075.6) 195:5.3 Religion is the revelation to man of his divine and eternal destiny. Religion is a purely personal and spiritual experience and must forever be distinguished from man’s other high forms of thought, such as:

(2075.7) 195:5.4 1. Man’s logical attitude toward the things of material reality.

(2075.8) 195:5.5 2. Man’s aesthetic appreciation of beauty contrasted with ugliness.

(2075.9) 195:5.6 3. Man’s ethical recognition of social obligations and political duty.

(2075.10) 195:5.7 4. Even man’s sense of human morality is not, in and of itself, religious.

(2075.11) 195:5.8 Religion is designed to find those values in the universe which call forth faith, trust, and assurance; religion culminates in worship. Religion discovers for the soul those supreme values which are in contrast with the relative values discovered by the mind. Such superhuman insight can be had only through genuine religious experience.

(2075.12) 195:5.9 A lasting social system without a morality predicated on spiritual realities can no more be maintained than could the solar system without gravity.

(2076.1) 195:5.10 Do not try to satisfy the curiosity or gratify all the latent adventure surging within the soul in one short life in the flesh. Be patient! be not tempted to indulge in a lawless plunge into cheap and sordid adventure. Harness your energies and bridle your passions; be calm while you await the majestic unfolding of an endless career of progressive adventure and thrilling discovery.

(2076.2) 195:5.11 In confusion over man’s origin, do not lose sight of his eternal destiny. Forget not that Jesus loved even little children, and that he forever made clear the great worth of human personality.

(2076.3) 195:5.12 As you view the world, remember that the black patches of evil which you see are shown against a white background of ultimate good. You do not view merely white patches of good which show up miserably against a black background of evil.

(2076.4) 195:5.13 When there is so much good truth to publish and proclaim, why should men dwell so much upon the evil in the world just because it appears to be a fact? The beauties of the spiritual values of truth are more pleasurable and uplifting than is the phenomenon of evil.

(2076.5) 195:5.14 In religion, Jesus advocated and followed the method of experience, even as modern science pursues the technique of experiment. We find God through the leadings of spiritual insight, but we approach this insight of the soul through the love of the beautiful, the pursuit of truth, loyalty to duty, and the worship of divine goodness. But of all these values, love is the true guide to real insight.

6. Materialism

Urantia revelation said:
(2076.6) 195:6.1 scientists have unintentionally precipitated mankind into a materialistic panic; they have started an unthinking run on the moral bank of the ages, but this bank of human experience has vast spiritual resources; it can stand the demands being made upon it. Only unthinking men become panicky about the spiritual assets of the human race. When the materialistic-secular panic is over, the religion of jesus will not be found bankrupt. The spiritual bank of the kingdom of heaven will be paying out faith, hope, and moral security to all who draw upon it “in his name.”

(2076.7) 195:6.2 no matter what the apparent conflict between materialism and the teachings of jesus may be, you can rest assured that, in the ages to come, the teachings of the master will fully triumph. In reality, true religion cannot become involved in any controversy with science; it is in no way concerned with material things. Religion is simply indifferent to, but sympathetic with, science, while it supremely concerns itself with the scientist.

(2076.8) 195:6.3 the pursuit of mere knowledge, without the attendant interpretation of wisdom and the spiritual insight of religious experience, eventually leads to pessimism and human despair. A little knowledge is truly disconcerting.

(2076.9) 195:6.4 at the time of this writing the worst of the materialistic age is over; the day of a better understanding is already beginning to dawn. The higher minds of the scientific world are no longer wholly materialistic in their philosophy, but the rank and file of the people still lean in that direction as a result of former teachings. But this age of physical realism is only a passing episode in man’s life on earth. Modern science has left true religion — the teachings of jesus as translated in the lives of his believers — untouched. All science has done is to destroy the childlike illusions of the misinterpretations of life.

(2077.1) 195:6.5 science is a quantitative experience, religion a qualitative experience, as regards man’s life on earth. Science deals with phenomena; religion, with origins, values, and goals. To assign causes as an explanation of physical phenomena is to confess ignorance of ultimates and in the end only leads the scientist straight back to the first great cause — the universal father of paradise.

(2077.2) 195:6.6 the violent swing from an age of miracles to an age of machines has proved altogether upsetting to man. The cleverness and dexterity of the false philosophies of mechanism belie their very mechanistic contentions. The fatalistic agility of the mind of a materialist forever disproves his assertions that the universe is a blind and purposeless energy phenomenon.

(2077.3) 195:6.7 the mechanistic naturalism of some supposedly educated men and the thoughtless secularism of the man in the street are both exclusively concerned with things; they are barren of all real values, sanctions, and satisfactions of a spiritual nature, as well as being devoid of faith, hope, and eternal assurances. One of the great troubles with modern life is that man thinks he is too busy to find time for spiritual meditation and religious devotion.

(2077.4) 195:6.8 materialism reduces man to a soulless automaton and constitutes him merely an arithmetical symbol finding a helpless place in the mathematical formula of an unromantic and mechanistic universe. But whence comes all this vast universe of mathematics without a master mathematician? Science may expatiate on the conservation of matter, but religion validates the conservation of men’s souls — it concerns their experience with spiritual realities and eternal values.

(2077.5) 195:6.9 the materialistic sociologist of today surveys a community, makes a report thereon, and leaves the people as he found them. Nineteen hundred years ago, unlearned galileans surveyed jesus giving his life as a spiritual contribution to man’s inner experience and then went out and turned the whole roman empire upside down.

(2077.6) 195:6.10 but religious leaders are making a great mistake when they try to call modern man to spiritual battle with the trumpet blasts of the middle ages. Religion must provide itself with new and up-to-date slogans. Neither democracy nor any other political panacea will take the place of spiritual progress. False religions may represent an evasion of reality, but jesus in his gospel introduced mortal man to the very entrance upon an eternal reality of spiritual progression.

(2077.7) 195:6.11 to say that mind “emerged” from matter explains nothing. If the universe were merely a mechanism and mind were unapart from matter, we would never have two differing interpretations of any observed phenomenon. The concepts of truth, beauty, and goodness are not inherent in either physics or chemistry. A machine cannot know, much less know truth, hunger for righteousness, and cherish goodness.

(2077.8) 195:6.12 science may be physical, but the mind of the truth-discerning scientist is at once supermaterial. Matter knows not truth, neither can it love mercy nor delight in spiritual realities. Moral convictions based on spiritual enlightenment and rooted in human experience are just as real and certain as mathematical deductions based on physical observations, but on another and higher level.

(2077.9) 195:6.13 if men were only machines, they would react more or less uniformly to a material universe. Individuality, much less personality, would be nonexistent.

(2077.10) 195:6.14 the fact of the absolute mechanism of paradise at the center of the universe of universes, in the presence of the unqualified volition of the second source and center, makes forever certain that determiners are not the exclusive law of the cosmos. Materialism is there, but it is not exclusive; mechanism is there, but it is not unqualified; determinism is there, but it is not alone.

(2078.1) 195:6.15 the finite universe of matter would eventually become uniform and deterministic but for the combined presence of mind and spirit. The influence of the cosmic mind constantly injects spontaneity into even the material worlds.

(2078.2) 195:6.16 freedom or initiative in any realm of existence is directly proportional to the degree of spiritual influence and cosmic-mind control; that is, in human experience, the degree of the actuality of doing “the father’s will.” and so, when you once start out to find god, that is the conclusive proof that god has already found you.

(2078.3) 195:6.17 the sincere pursuit of goodness, beauty, and truth leads to god. And every scientific discovery demonstrates the existence of both freedom and uniformity in the universe. The discoverer was free to make the discovery. The thing discovered is real and apparently uniform, or else it could not have become known as a thing.

7. The vulnerability of materialism
Urantia said:
(2081.1) 195:8.1 but even after materialism and mechanism have been more or less vanquished, the devastating influence of twentieth-century secularism will still blight the spiritual experience of millions of unsuspecting souls.

(2081.2) 195:8.2 modern secularism has been fostered by two world-wide influences. The father of secularism was the narrow-minded and godless attitude of nineteenth- and twentieth-century so-called science — atheistic science. The mother of modern secularism was the totalitarian medieval christian church. Secularism had its inception as a rising protest against the almost complete domination of western civilization by the institutionalized christian church.

(2081.3) 195:8.3 at the time of this revelation, the prevailing intellectual and philosophical climate of both european and american life is decidedly secular — humanistic. For three hundred years western thinking has been progressively secularized. Religion has become more and more a nominal influence, largely a ritualistic exercise. The majority of professed christians of western civilization are unwittingly actual secularists.

(2081.4) 195:8.4 it required a great power, a mighty influence, to free the thinking and living of the western peoples from the withering grasp of a totalitarian ecclesiastical domination. Secularism did break the bonds of church control, and now in turn it threatens to establish a new and godless type of mastery over the hearts and minds of modern man. The tyrannical and dictatorial political state is the direct offspring of scientific materialism and philosophic secularism. Secularism no sooner frees man from the domination of the institutionalized church than it sells him into slavish bondage to the totalitarian state. Secularism frees man from ecclesiastical slavery only to betray him into the tyranny of political and economic slavery.

(2081.5) 195:8.5 materialism denies god, secularism simply ignores him; at least that was the earlier attitude. More recently, secularism has assumed a more militant attitude, assuming to take the place of the religion whose totalitarian bondage it onetime resisted. Twentieth-century secularism tends to affirm that man does not need god. But beware! This godless philosophy of human society will lead only to unrest, animosity, unhappiness, war, and world-wide disaster.

(2081.6) 195:8.6 secularism can never bring peace to mankind. Nothing can take the place of god in human society. But mark you well! Do not be quick to surrender the beneficent gains of the secular revolt from ecclesiastical totalitarianism. Western civilization today enjoys many liberties and satisfactions as a result of the secular revolt. The great mistake of secularism was this: In revolting against the almost total control of life by religious authority, and after attaining the liberation from such ecclesiastical tyranny, the secularists went on to institute a revolt against god himself, sometimes tacitly and sometimes openly.

(2081.7) 195:8.7 to the secularistic revolt you owe the amazing creativity of american industrialism and the unprecedented material progress of western civilization. And because the secularistic revolt went too far and lost sight of god and true religion, there also followed the unlooked-for harvest of world wars and international unsettledness.

(2081.8) 195:8.8 it is not necessary to sacrifice faith in god in order to enjoy the blessings of the modern secularistic revolt: Tolerance, social service, democratic government, and civil liberties. It was not necessary for the secularists to antagonize true religion in order to promote science and to advance education.

(2082.1) 195:8.9 but secularism is not the sole parent of all these recent gains in the enlargement of living. Behind the gains of the twentieth century are not only science and secularism but also the unrecognized and unacknowledged spiritual workings of the life and teaching of jesus of nazareth.

(2082.2) 195:8.10 without god, without religion, scientific secularism can never co-ordinate its forces, harmonize its divergent and rivalrous interests, races, and nationalisms. This secularistic human society, notwithstanding its unparalleled materialistic achievement, is slowly disintegrating. The chief cohesive force resisting this disintegration of antagonism is nationalism. And nationalism is the chief barrier to world peace.

(2082.3) 195:8.11 the inherent weakness of secularism is that it discards ethics and religion for politics and power. You simply cannot establish the brotherhood of men while ignoring or denying the fatherhood of god.

(2082.4) 195:8.12 secular social and political optimism is an illusion. Without god, neither freedom and liberty, nor property and wealth will lead to peace.

(2082.5) 195:8.13 the complete secularization of science, education, industry, and society can lead only to disaster. During the first third of the twentieth century urantians killed more human beings than were killed during the whole of the christian dispensation up to that time. And this is only the beginning of the dire harvest of materialism and secularism; still more terrible destruction is yet to come.

9. Christianity’s problem
If you read the 2 online books given above about the origin of the Urantia Revelation, you would find that Urantia is absolutely different to what you think. (...)
My schizophrenic friend was obsessed with it. Basically, it's a big fraud of a book written in the style of the King James Bible, and it talks about aliens and planets too.
I already proved it's not a fraud. The Birth of a Divine Revelation--The Origin of The Urantia Papers starts thus:
Ernest P. Moyer said:
The Urantia Papers were revealed in Chicago, Illinois in 1934 and 1935.

The Papers are a divine revelation. They were revealed miraculously. They did not come through the mind of any human mortal.

They were placed in the custody of Dr. William S. Sadler, a noted Chicago physician and psychiatrist.

The following documents are an account of the circumstances and factors which led to their revelation.

The revelation of The Urantia Papers involved three major phases:

Dr. William S. Sadler was converted to the possibility of divine beings working directly with human mortals. This phase involved the use of another human mortal to adapt Sadler to this possibility. The method employed was to entice Sadler to investigate the man's unusual sleep disorder. Sadler referred to that other human mortal as a "Sleeping Subject." He became a "subject" of Sadler's psychiatric investigations.

A group of people were gathered together who became emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually attached to the Revelation. Those persons were used by divine agencies to insure the physical survival of the Revelation as it was introduced to the world. They were also used to provide a foundation for historic verification of the events associated with the Revelation. Sadler named this group "The Forum."

The actual Revelation by invisible divine agents was accomplished by placing the writing miraculously on paper in groups, or sets. The form was in handwriting which was then physically transcribed by Emma Christensen (Christy), a trained secretary and member of Sadler's family, into typewritten form. After proof reading for accuracy the original papers disappeared equally miraculously. (Sadler was unable to identify the handwriting of the final certified version with any person from his family or from the Forum.)
It's so obvious a fraud. Who writes in King James English in the 20th century? Anyway, it's full of all kinds of details that would fool the gullible. If it didn't pretend to be real I could almost admire it.
Check out this fascinating quote from Urantia against spiritual channeling or mediumship/spiritualism:
Urantia said:
(865.4) 77:8.11 The 1,111 loyal secondary midwayers are engaged in important missions on earth. As compared with their primary associates, they are decidedly material. They exist just outside the range of mortal vision and possess sufficient latitude of adaptation to make, at will, physical contact with what humans call “material things.” These unique creatures have certain definite powers over the things of time and space, not excepting the beasts of the realm.

(865.5) 77:8.12 Many of the more literal phenomena ascribed to angels have been performed by the secondary midway creatures. When the early teachers of the gospel of Jesus were thrown into prison by the ignorant religious leaders of that day, an actual “angel of the Lord” “by night opened the prison doors and brought them forth.” But in the case of Peter’s deliverance after the killing of James by Herod’s order, it was a secondary midwayer who performed the work ascribed to an angel.

(865.6) 77:8.13 Their chief work today is that of unperceived personal-liaison associates of those men and women who constitute the planetary reserve corps of destiny. It was the work of this secondary group, ably seconded by certain of the primary corps, that brought about the co-ordination of personalities and circumstances on Urantia which finally induced the planetary celestial supervisors to initiate those petitions that resulted in the granting of the mandates making possible the series of revelations of which this presentation is a part. But it should be made clear that the midway creatures are not involved in the sordid performances taking place under the general designation of “spiritualism.” The midwayers at present on Urantia, all of whom are of honorable standing, are not connected with the phenomena of so-called “mediumship”; and they do not, ordinarily, permit humans to witness their sometimes necessary physical activities or other contacts with the material world, as they are perceived by human senses.
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