What R U Eating Right Now?

That has to be the most filthy, vile comment under your name that I have EVER seen on the net. Do you have ANY idea how offensive that is? Tell me what you hold the most dear, the most important, the most reverent, the most in honor. I will then crap all over it, and then you'll have a clue.

Most any other site would tell you to remove it, but not this one. :(

God help you. :(

technically he did
(Yeh... change that mate... don't have God Raped Mary... its politically and offensively incorrect.)

Well, i just finished a plain old cheese sandwich; I'm actually gretting my teath here, because i'm trying to stop smoking. Think good thoughts for me everyone...
Reiku;i'm trying to stop smoking. Think good thoughts for me everyone...[/QUOTE said:
Good luck Reiku,.. just develop a mental aversion to it and you'll be fine. Think how it stinks on your breath and clothes and how it tars your lungs, you don't need it.
One of my friends who quit smoking found working out helped him a lot. After 20 minutes on the treadmill he was exhaused. Now he does 45 minutes without any problems. And at high speeds. You can do it too.:)
i will later be having a garlic meat burger from my local take away i cannot be bothered to cook
what is kifer?

kefir: cultured milk product...sturdier a bit than yogurt, but not as hard as soft cheese.

Mmmmm that processed milk drink looks really nice... and i'm starting to get hungry...

What shall i have?