What would you like to see installed on SciForums?

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Is there any way to install a table function for BBcode?

Most BBCode additions can only take two variables. (i.e. [ color=var1]var2[ /color]) although it is possible to set up multiple instances to allow nesting. The problem is that people could place them in the wrong order or not nested, breaking the overall hardwritten code of formatting.

Tables can generate set formatting, however they don't work so well if they are broken. It might be possible to generate a AJAX table creation code, but in all essence if you are after formatting just data into a table, you might be best either using a spreadsheet or just coping a screenshot of a spreadsheet from your computer.
I would sometimes like to post to more than one section using the same thread.
At the moment, I am thinking of posting a thread that would be covered by both religion and science.
I can see that this would be impossible to police.
Some idiots would immediately put their threads in all sections.

Can any people think of some rules that would avoid this problem?
Dear members, please suggest which programs you would like to see installed on SciForums.

For example we could go with News section (powered by Pligg) that would be similar to social sites such as Reddit, Digg, etc.
Members would submit and vote for interesting science news there.

So post all applications, programs, add-ons, that could be installed and that you find useful.

Suggestions so far:

1. Embedded media (videos)
2. Image hosting on site
3. SciForums Toolbar application
4. Integrated Chat Box
5. Bigger avatars
6. Signatures enabled
7. Advanced Ignore option
8. No 'Go Advanced' reply button
9. Vending machine

10. Subscribe to Poster option
11. Multiple forum skins
12. Show/Hide Signature button
13. Reputation System

Where is the RSS feed tiassa suggested?

I think we should be able to subscribe to "New posts" or even individual threads and posters as RSS
Embedded media, image hosting, longer taglines. Plus, 'subscribe to poster' sounds interesting.

Definitely NOT Chat Box, Reputation system or anything that makes this place look even more like a Proboards forum.

And can we ditch the ignore button? It's kind of childish. I say we just block people from private stuff and that'll be the end of it.
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