What's good?

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but because of a busy work schedule I wasn't able to celebrate it with friends and family until this weekend.

I got a cool PS3 game, John Deere license plate frames for my truck, Zombieland on DVD, some tools and a good meal.
Doing aerial somersaults is fun.

And the centrifugal force throws all the blood to your head when you flip, and it feels kind of like an electric shock. Yay!
Waking up to your pet cat snuggled against your neck and purring.

Also, hugging a cat. They're very mobile and have this 'liquid' feel when you hold them.
Waking up to your pet cat snuggled against your neck and purring.

Also, hugging a cat. They're very mobile and have this 'liquid' feel when you hold them.

I agree. Cats are good. Sometimes, they can soothe your soul. Like a living, non narcotic tranquilizer.

Sometimes they are so silly and make us LOL. I had a cat who would greet me when I came home from work this way: As I walked down the sidewalk from the parking lot, my cat would RACE past me and scamper half way up a tree trunk. He would hang there, look over to see if I saw him "show off" for me. If I pretended like I didn't see him, he would come down and do it over! Cats engage in delightful antics, don't they?
A few good things over the last few weeks:

My wife and I adopted a 9 month old male cat. He's all black with white whiskers. We named him Odin (we're naming our adopted cats after Norse gods and goddesses). He's ridiculously friendly and affectionate.

This weekend my wife and I went to a spa. She got some facial treatment and massage and I got a hot stone/deep tissue massage that was very relaxing.

This weekend I bought The Boondock Saints II and Ninja Assassin on DVD. I'm about to watch Ninja Assassin in a bit.
Aww. Give Odin a bug hug for me. :D

What's good is I feel slightly less tired today, and I have discovered some really nice chocolate flavoured soya milk..
“Citigroup was given $25bn in return for 7.7 billion in shares… The 7.7 billion shares in the bailed-out bank will be sold in tranches throughout 2010, the US Treasury said. Its shares fell after the Treasury confirmed the sale, falling 4% to $4.11.”
From: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/8593343.stm

Billy T notes:
25/7.7 = 3.2468 $/share so if Treasury can unload without depressing Citi share price below $3.25/sh the tax payers will make a profit. As the shares fell only 4% to $4.11/sh with the announcement, that seems very likely. Treasury should set a floor price, say $4/sh and stop selling if it is reached. I.e. then every share sold is at least a $0.75 profit for the tax payer. If done this way when all 7.7 billion shares are sold the Taxpayer makes at least ¾ x 7.7 = 5.77 billion dollars while helping the economy not collapse. Probably taxpayer’s profit can be approximately 6 billion dollars.

That should qualify as "good" in this thread (or any other, but I will not double post).

PS ~300 million Americans and 6 billion dollars = 6,000 million dollars.
Hey, each American made $20 on this deal as well as helped the economy avoid immediately falling into depression.
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Sometimes it's the simpliest things that are good.

Today my youngest and I went for a long walk. We looked at the plants, trees, the river, birds. We had a spitting contest (ewwww I know, but we giggled and laughed), talked about the hardships we have been facing, about respecting the environment, and then we had an "out of step competition".
What is this? A little game we have done over the years. It's when you walk, arms wrapped around each other, and try to "throw off" the other person by walking out of step. Instead of you both stepping forward with the right foot together, you randomly do a little skipping manouver to get out of step. It's just silly and fun, but I haven't laughed that hard with him in a long time.

I also enjoyed cuddling with my best friend's baby. Makes me want another one so bad. I will just settle for hers though. Easier to give it back when it cries than to stay up all night, getting no sleep. No doctor visits, no poopy diapers, etc. Just cuddle, kissing and run. LOL. Now that's what's good!!!

For the cat lovers out there, here are my three favorite clips that get me laughing when ever I am in need of a chuckle:



Aww. Give Odin a bug hug for me. :D

Here's a picture of Odin hanging out with me on the couch:

PLASTIC BAG http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDBtCb61Sd4

This is a short film about the life, hopes and dreams of a plastic bag. Not your usual YouTube fare, it's a highly professional production and Werner Herzog himself does the voice of the bag. It's been screened at film festivals and is one of the most-viewed pieces on YouTube, especially during the Earth Day season.

It's about 18 minutes long (including a fair amount of credits) and you might feel like giving up halfway through--although so far everyone I know has stayed riveted to their screen to the end. And then just sat there speechless for a few more minutes.

If you do bail out, first please fast-forward to about minute 14:00 and watch the last minute and a half of the story. The plastic bag's closing statement might bring you to tears. After all, they do live a looooooooooooooooooong time.
I love Nina Simone but Joe Cocker's cover is also just as excellent. To be fair I will link all my favorite covers of one of my favorite songs 'I put a spell on you'.

Nina Simone legend that she is and the mother of all 'spells':


Creedance Clearwater Revivals version of 'spell'


Joe cocker's version (one of my personal favorites):

And the greatest mother of all compliments to greatness ever recorded, welcome 'Marilyn Manson's version:


I find it absolutely amazing that a song can take on so many different nuances and remain brilliant from cover to cover, time after fucking time. :worship:
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