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Dolly Dagger

Jimi Hendrix "First Rays of the New Rising Sun"

Here comes Dolly...Dagger
Her love's so heavy, gonna make you stagger.
Dolly...Dagger, she drinks her blood from a jagged edge... Ah Drink up baby

Been riding broomsticks since she was fifteen.
Blown out all the other witches on the scene.
She got a bull whip just as long as your life.
Her tongue can even scratch the soul out of the devil's wife.

Well I seen her in action at the Player's Choice.
Turnin' all the love men into donor boys.
Hey, red hot mama you'd better step aside,
This chicks gonna turn you to a block of ice.

Look out...

...owwww. This is funky Hendrix...so many facets of this genius. You got the blues Hendrix, you got the funky Hendrix, you got yer psychedelic Hendrix, you got yer all along the watch tower herndrix.
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That's funny. I was just listening to this one. I thought it was cute and Ian McKellen didn't look half bad for his age.