whats the deal with Y2K???

666 & Zap ....

I'm backing down from our developing Y2k exchange on the simple grounds that, well, you're right. I'm only expressing some of my frustration. If my only complaint in the world about Y2k has to do with the psychosis I perceive it has wrought on the culture, I'm not sure even that would be avoidable, even if the abridgement of date codes had been resolved years ago.


The Universe is the Practical Joke of the General at the Expense of the Particular .... (Perdurabo; The Book of Lies)
HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! Nothin happened! All a big hype! MAN! It was funny to see those news reporters say... 'well bob, nothin is happenin so far, back to you.' At least nothin happened in LA or anywhere. Boy am I relieved.
Hi, Big C!!! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Yeah, things are looking pretty good!

There were a few "slot machines" which broke down in Delaware... I'll reserve comment on that one. :rolleyes:

Not that I WANT anything to happen... I just think we need to reserve judgement until we see that it's business as usual on Monday. :)

I knew that once we got past the first of the year and nothing happend a lot of people would say it was all just a big joke. Could it have posibly been that all the money, time, and resorces kept major problems from ocuring?

My life could have been black and white, but I had to color it.
BigC- Is it that inconceivable that maybe nothing happened because of the preparations?
Well I'm not sure if it's all the preparations or not. What I think it all was, was pure stupidity on our part to sucker into the media's hypnotizing affects on us. That just shows how powerful the media can be and when something like this should happen, that they'll want to spread along, we should look at all the facts before we make any conclusions.

Well lets look at things than.

First we had a crap load of companys and goverment agencys who didn't realy have a grasp on what excatly this all ment to them and so didn't do a dam thing about it. Then the media gets a hold of it and screams armgeddon. After a while they get thier facts strait and help many understand how this would effect compnays and goverment angencys. Companys and goverment types took notice and took action. HUUMMMMMMM, seems like this time all the hype helped!

BigC newspapers are for reading not for pissing on.

My life could have been black and white, but I had to color it.