Whats wrong with Bush?

this thread is just a joke for people to say stupid shit that nobody cares about,

bush is taken about as seriously as darksidzz polls or buffalo roams opinions,

I wouldn't expect it to be taken seriously with this crowd. Too deep and requires something besides self indulgence. I'll leave you to alone to your next 4,451 meaningless posts, loser.
.... Hussein was a brutal dictator and any dictator anywhere is fair game at any time.

Hmm, sounds like he was blowingup 100s of Iraqis everyday :D .

And "The oil belongs to the people"

Are they rich now ?

"We will free Iraqi people"

Are they free now ? I mean no foreign army on their

I have to know, why do you support Saddam?

I had to check in and see if anyone had managed to formulate an intelligent response to my post from last night. None yet so I'll check back in tonight. If none by tonight I'll assume you surrendered, which should be a valid assumption since your members of the cut and run crowd. Here's your chance to educate me with facts and specifics.
You can "assume" whatever you want. Obviously I'm not with you, therefore I'm against you, therefore I am pro Saddam and pro-terrorist. Yawn. What next, I "hate freedom"?
Is it possible to rail against the efforts of the most powerful and free nation the world has ever seen, to rid the world of a merciless dictator who would purposely gas women and children and claim your pro freedom at the same time? Can a contradiction such as that actually exist in the minds of rational people? I think not. Is it really just convenient self deceipt because it makes life easier for the deceiver, get's to pretend he's a good freedom loving American without helping any one else attain theirs? I'm sure your a freedom lover, your own, but your position on this issue say's that's the extent of it. If you were on the street and watched a mugger beat up an old lady and did nothing to intervene, would that characterize you as being 'anti-crime' or 'indeferent to injustice against your fellow man'. What would be the best fit there? Please quit reguritating the same rhetoric and put your ideas where your bullshit is.
Oh I wont lose any sleep over it. You can throw your "cut & run" jibe at your fellow Americans. It doesnt bother me. Not everyone in the World is deluded enough to swallow your "humanitarian" BS. You seem to be forgetting that the only reason you gave to invade was becasue he "had" WMD, and even that was shaky. However when it comes down to it, in the end it was a resource war, plain and simple. Americans are no safer of freer than before the invasion.
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