What's wrong with the name "Autumn"???


Nobody in Australia calls the season "Fall". It is universally "Autumn" here.

Regarding Americans not being able to pronounce America, they don't pronounce Australia the way we would, either. Americans tend to say "OSS-trayl-ya" or "ORS-trayl-ya", and refer to the people as "OSS-tray-lee-ans" or (colloquially) "OSS-eez". Australians place very little emphasis on the initial syllable of "Australia", so it sounds more like "Oz-TRAY-ya" or (for those who are lazier) simply"'-STRAY-a". The people are "'-STRAY-yans" or "OZZ-ies" or even "'-STRINE-s", that latter word strine also being a tongue-in-cheek word used to describe our national dialect and its unique words and turns of phrase.
Some people in England can't pronounce England.
They call it Ingerland.
Let's face it. There are ferkin idiots everywhere..
In Sanskrit, it is Hemant, the season at the end of which is snow (Him- Snow, Ant- End). And Spring is Vasant, the season at the end of which it is possible to live comfortably (Vas- Living, Ant- End).
Obviously this is my subjective opinion, but I do prefer to use Autumn rather than Fall, and that would probably be the case even if I wasn't British. Autumn brings to mind a lot of imagery associated with the season for me, it also sounds more "orange-y" to me than Fall does, in a sort of synaesthetic way,