"Where Are We Going In The New Millenium?


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by Richard Boylan, Ph.D. 1999

"Over the next thirteen years, we will be making a profound transition from the current society to a totally new era. This transition has been predicted in the Mayan Calendar, by Hopi and Lakota (Sioux) Elders, as well as in extraterrestrial communications during visits with humans. What will the first part of this new Millenium bring? Profound changes. First will be an era of cataclysmic geophysical changes and social turmoil. The environmental damage we have sown, in our blind rush to greater materialistic wealth, will become the whirlwind that we inherit. Earth's societies
will be rent into roughly two camps: those who stubbornly cling to the destructive materialistic ways of old, and those who have learned to treat the earth and each other as precious family. The former will fade away in their dysfunction The latter group will transition to become a cosmic culture a society worthy of its Earth Mother, a society with extraterrestrials openly circulating in
our midst, a society which has become spacefaring, utilizing gravity-control propulsion to rapidly navigate our solar system and reach out to our distant cousins in other star systems."

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard Boylan is a behavioral scientist, university instructor, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and researcher into
extraterrestrial-human encounters.

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I believe we are headed in, by most people's definitions, a positive direction, but we shouldn't hold our breaths waiting for California to drop into the Pacific and for Atlantis to suddenly pop up from it's watery grave, all under the benign eyes of our gentle, cosmic space brothers.

We will eventually become a one-world supertribe, to use a word I found in a Desmond Morris book, "The Naked Ape". But this will not be due to some celestial, cosmic, or divine plan. It will be the natural course of things. When we lived as animals, we were all we cared about. As we became social animals, the survival of the pack became important. Eventually, as we met more and more of our kind, the survival of the tribe became foremost in our concerns. As tribes discovered each other and learned to co-exist, the nation became our concern. Nations became kingdoms, which became countries (by our modern definitions). The next logical step, especially as we learn about each other on a grand scale, is for the countries to unite as the well-being of the people of the planet becomes our primary social concern. With that pattern established, can you see what the next step is?

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