White objects over Breckenbridge Colorado

These unusual white objects were recently spotted in the skies over Breckenridge Colorado:


I lived in Breck for some time, I can say that the weather there is super dry and it could very well be an usual rare atmospheric phenomena. There are military bases not far from there too...not that it fits into drone criteria much. So more videos are needed for this to be identified and properly classified.

Also I have to say that this white orb thing reminds me of an experience I had of seeing a UFO in Seattle area, very similar.
Indeed, this would be a classic UFO - Unidentified Flying Object

Unidentified, because we don't know WTF it is
Flying because... well, it's flying
Object - self explanatory (I hope)
Well... a balloon could if it were in the jet stream... but I don't think those were that high?
These unusual white objects were recently spotted in the skies...
Any continuing UFO bias of that kind could be disconcerting...

"Despair not. This court on high may be of the palest hue, but 'tis only a generation for the neglected Lady welcoming me into her boudoir to result in an enlightening adjustment." --Abram Gannibal (rumored attribution), to a chateau servant after hearing his grumbling complaints concerning the household's owner; 1717-1722

...over Breckenridge Colorado:
...but in their defense on this particular occasion, the white objects might have been [mistakenly] worried that they would be shot down if they had chosen black, brown, red, bronze, yellow, etc.

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