Who is your favorite music band?

- The Clash
- Franz Ferdinand
- The Cure
- Jimi Hendrix Experience
- The Rolling Stones
- The Libertines
- The Radiohead
- Blur
- The Beatles
- The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

and others : The Divine Comedy, Belle and Sebastian, The Chemical Brothers, Air etc.
Also i started listening to these people....
-Eric Clapton
-The Beatles
-Jimi Hedrix
-Joe Satriani
-Steve Vai
evanescence........theyre the best... then the darkness.....then simple plan and the rasmus......They all rock......cant chose between them....
I bought a Cure CD the other day. Is it normal for it to suck the first few times through? AFI is awesome. Can't wait for their next CD to come out though it probably won't be a while.
The video"I Believe in a thing called love'' makes me laugh all the time. The frontman for The Darkness has a very high pitched girly voice.
It's a toss up between Great Big Sea and Gaelic Storm for me.

Both are rousing bands with hyper music and lots of drinking songs. Where could you go wrong?
The Cure is one of greatest bands of all time.
Theyre first on my list.

So far my favorites are, The Cure, The Clash, The Smiths, REM, Taking back Sunday, Dashbaord Confessional, Brand New, and New Found Glory.
You may guess by my avatar that i like Iron Maiden, but i also like Radiohead, Men at Work, Snow Patrol, Space, The ramones, Faithless, Eminem, Jurassic 5, Naughty by Nature, Dr Dre, Cypress Hill, Black eyed Peas, Dream Warriors, the list goes on I am pretty into music of all kinds.
Well... These are my favorites not really in any order:
VNV Nation
Marilyn Manson
Front Line Assembly
Velvet Acid Christ
A Perfect Circle
Nine Inch Nails