Why are christians so stupid?

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Someone needs to take a second to breathe.

Ok medicine woman. You want to know why us christions are so "Fucking stupid" in your words.

#1. "What makes them believe the lies they believe?"

Well considering there is a incredibly big book called the Bible which was written by (If I'm not mistaking) almost 30 different authors (Inspired by the Holy Spirit), has not one constradiction if read in the correct context,it is scientifically accurate, and is historically correct.

If what is in the Bible is what you call "Lies". You should get your facts straight before looking like an illogical idiot saying what you said (attacking) all these loving, nice, giving christians that make this world worth living in.

#2 " I just don't understand their logic!"

FACT IS, in this universe there either IS a God or ISN't a God. There is no way around it. Looking at REAL SCIENCE such as something as complex as a DNA molecule. All that is possible to gather from such incredible creations is that there was a DESIGNER! NOT TO MENTION THE WHOLE EARTH!!! I truly don't know where you got such lies and I hope you calm down and look at everything logically and honestly to find a true answer.

I have much respect for your children for staying logical in the midst of your outrage.

I truly hope you understand that I am saying all this out of love and care,

God Bless,
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