Why are muslims have in a science forum ?

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To be honest, I don't think of Sciforums as a Science Forum. Though I am well aware that that is its intended function, I use it mainly for the political and philosophical discussions, since there are some really exceptionally bright members here.

Muslims, and anyone else in so far as they follow the rules, can speak here.
Obvously by someone who did not get the memo

but we're free to call religion bullshit and to be skeptical of people who believe bullshit yet for some reason want to be members of a science website.

Jeez what do we think we're doing here spreading all this antiscience attitude?
I'm assuming that's why he got his ban:
fellowtraveler 7 Days Hate speech
OK, that's good. I would guess it was for the following around posting angry off topic stuff, but perhaps this thread helped. Though it's odd its not locked and that a moderator participating in it seems to have no problem with the thread but does end up in a pissing match with SAM including an apologize or be banned threat. Me, I hate receiving forced apologies. But, by definition, that's, well, me.

But thanks for the news!
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