Why black men have a bigger penis

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look it's not the size it's how you use it

thats not true, size matters, if you look up the science behind the vagina and a womans body, you will find that to touch certain nerv endings wich women get pleasure from you need a penis with enough length and girth,

and thin small penises do not touch a womans clit during intercourse, also having a small penis gives people complexes sometimes, you will usualy find people with big cocks are usualy happyer in general with themselves than those with small ones,

bigger is better, but there is only a certain amount that a woman can take, usualy 9 inches is the max that a woman can take inside her, and depending on the build of the woman the girth varies.

That's allowed. Chapter 1: How to Act Like a Man.
As long as he says it quickly.
lol no no jedi has to relie on his lightsaber silly

a jedi must be able to handle the situationw without his tool,

you should rely on the force padawan, not the saber. olis saber got chopped off in the war so he had to learn how to pleasure women with his force powers.

yes either your a jedi or your a liar :)
im guessing jedi because you seem like the honest type.
I don't lie. I have no need to.

Shorty_37 said:
I feel the forces ...........i will retract them back with my light saber.......
Silly. I only used my powers for GOOD.

nietzschefan said:
lol you people added two whole pages to this old racist thread.
Yeah and I broke through 3000 posts without noticing...
black man penis is larger because of physical thermodynamical concepts. Were larger area of penus allows it to stay cooler by releasing water wapor which takes away the heat.
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