why boys are mean at pain?


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Ok. So I got a new cell today. It has an actual spell checker so I hope it works good.

Anyways so today my dad and I and 3 soldiers were riding in our car. They were really low rank and like I'm geussing 18 or 19. So there all wearing there army uniforms and boots and all that stuff and I'm wearing shorts tshirt abd flip flops.

So one of the boys hit my foot with his boot and I got a scratch. And I said it hurt and they were all sympathetic and sad that I got hurt.

So then this soldier got some....
Got some shots in one of his arms. I guess they were really big shots or something cuz he couldn't move his arm I even had to help him take his acu jacket off.

So everytime dad hit a bump he would hurt really bad and go ouch. All the other soldiers were laughing at him. Everytime we hit a bump he hurt and they laughed. Then we got on a really bad road with lots of bumps and they laughed so much. I felt so so bad and I just don't understand why they laugh. They were all friends.

I notice this a lot in....
I love roller derby, but why are those girls so mean to each other? I was watching it one day and this one girl was just roller skating and this other girl totally rolled up and knocked her over the ...
Other people's pain is, for some reason, funny...they have a whole category of comedy, physical comedy, devoted to it.

I guess it's a "thank god, it's not me" kinda thing. :)
So what? I usually laugh at my friends when they get hurt, unless it's something serious. I get the same treatment in return.
People when your friend gets hurt you need to help him out and make sure he is not hurt anymore, if laughing will releave his tension over the issue than laugh...if you notice that the person get more irritated by your laughing than do not laugh.

When I get cut and blood flows from werever i cut the got I laugh...its my natural instinct, in fact it hurts but I get this sort of uplifting feeling of laughter even though one time I nearly cut my finger off accidentally.
Is this the finish the story thread?

"I notice this a lot in...." school too, that jocks are mean to each other or to geeks.

I think....
and I...like..heard...like...Billy Johnson like totally..like..."like likes"...like Jenny Fischer! Like OMG!

Guys just don't take a lot of this stuff seriously and sometimes play gets real physical. and sometimes pain is the result. But if he were seriously endangered they would be more serious. Guys get teased by other guys if they start babying themselves.,,taking their pain to seriously.
That's what I was going to say. Especially if they are soldiers. They know it could be much, much worse. Also, that humor at the pain of others reflects an evolutionary habit of hunting. When something else is doing badly, it can become food. Our ancestors were probably cannibals too.
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