why boys are mean at pain?

Me too Joe. When i was a kid my uncle did all my dental work and he would drill through my teeth with no needles or drugs at all. Just straight into the chair and start drilling, swear thats true too.
And I bet you had to walk 4 miles to get there, up hill both ways, barefoot...in the winter!
ah yes, when men were men.
But its true. He didnt believe in it and my parents took me there until i was about 14 years old so i really didnt know anything different. One thing is sure, i knew exactly where he was going with the driill and how much of the nerve was left.
I fail to see the purpose of this thread...

A suggestion to [ENC]Barbiegirl14[/ENC]: Stop littering SciForums with your unnecessary threads.

This thread was made for the purpose of trying to understand what I dont understand already.

It's not my fault your to dumb to see that. Same with you mods. This thread was made with the intentions of finding out more about male social patterns so that next time i see it, i can be able to tell myself why exactly they are doing it.

your lucky i dont care enough to complain to the owner of this site..
It is interesting how you find everyone dumb but yourself. Hmmmm..... :scratchin:

I have no idea what this thread is about
Or....maybe she (he) is an army operative observing the mentality of the Internet people, and simultaneously looking for online terrorists.
Or....maybe she (he) is an army operative observing the mentality of the Internet people, and simultaneously looking for online terrorists.

or maybe she is he and looking for separatists and nasty nasty communists or even abacists or just perhaps an abaist but even maybe abiogenist or just perhaps an abist or than it can be an abolitionist who also can be an abortionist that just perhaps can be an absist that comes to be an absolutist or even so abstractionist that they are born an absurdist who come to become an academist and now works as accommodationist but than it also can be an accompanist who is now but retired accompanyist or it might be an accordionist who now grew to be an acephalist but after thought it can also be an acolothist or just a simple acolythist but what if it is an acosmist who nows seems to be an acquist or wait did I mention an actionist who is now an activist and thus become an actualist that seeks to become an acupuncturist which of course mankes no sense since he is an adeptist that grew to be an adiaphorist and after while came to be an adonist that showed signs of adoptionist and hobbying as adventist that also seems to be an aerialist who dreamed of becoming an aerodynamicist or even just a simple aerologist that seemed to also be an aetiologist that seemed to excel at being an affectationist and sypmphotized with blacks because he was an africanist who also acted as anagamist and thus was slightly an ageist which also meant he was an agist and agonist and agrammatist and agricolist and agriculturalist and agriculturist and agriologist and agronomist and agrostologist and aist and aladinist and alarmist and alchemist and alcoranist and algebraist
and algologist
and alienist
and alkoranist
and allegorist
and allergist
and allodialist
and allopathist
and alopecist
and alpinist
and alpist
and altarist
and altoist
and altruist
and ambitionist
and americanist
and amethodist
and amnicolist
and amoralist
and amorist
and anabaptist
and anaesthesiologist
and anaesthetist
and anagrammatist
and analogist
and anarchist
and anatomist
and andrologist
and anecdotist
and anesthesiologist
and anesthetist
and angiologist
and anglicist
and animalculist
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and annihilationist
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and antarchist
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and anthropomorphist
and anthropotomist

and boy who knows who he really is :D