Why do more White men have Chodes then those of Asian descent?

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Your statement is incorrect. Male Tyrannosaurs had no part in the raising of their children. They simply walked off after impregnating a female, which would most likely lead to making the chode trait dormant, due to the fact that their penises need to be in top condition to impregnate as many females as possible.

The chode gene seems to be rather dominant in males of irish decent, mainly in the area I live in. [Which shall remain undisclosed.] A colleague of mine aided me in a study involving the irish males in my area.

The main specimen we noticed was a Sean S., who, on further inspection, has a large line of chodes in his family tree.

This seems to show that the chode gene may become dominant due to a specific taste in food, say the Irish dependency on Potatoes.

Can potatoes cause the chode gene to become dominant?
Well this all webs out from the Thoery of Extropolarity Invocation which already covers the basics from the Pre-histroic period regarding the "Chodomis" gene. You are all forgeting the primary issue, Why is the specific gene more active amongst the two races? Clearly both races interacted, but the gene remains inactive...
If anyone else wants to know and learn about chodes, please, you can contact me at DrChode90210@harvard.edu

Now, how the chode came to, I would like to know that. If anyone has any thoughts and ideas how chodes came to, please, go on.
The Irish dependancy of Potatoes has never shown any relation to the Chode genome. It's prepsterous to even begin to think that a type of food can bring make a specific trait dominant in a family. These traits occur through a series of mutations. However, it has been found that 37% of the people who are born obese also have the chode gene. I believe that obesity and the chode gene may lie on the same chromosome. Further researc into this will allow us to fully understand the "mysteries of the chode."
Clearly you mean 37% more likely, not 37%. A chode doesn't occur very often, but you bring up several interesting things.
I believe the chode may be dominant in aryan males for multiple reasons.

One of them which I dub the 'Goofy Time' Factor.

Due to repeat, brutal beatings by one's father, Aryan males may develope a dominant chode gene, due to the emasculating effects of said beatings.

This was shown in my Sean S. studies, for the specimen as I refer to him told me that his father would repeatedly beat him with anything at hand.

I believe the reason the chode genome becomes dominant because of the beatings is due to the fact that the father asserting himself over his smaller, weaker children causes said child [if it is predominantly male, and not a hermaphrodite] to release excess ammounts of estrogen in the early stages of puberty, stunting penile growth in the length factor, but causing them to be wider.
Please elaborate on how beating somebody can bring out the Chode genome in somebody when it has been proven that the chode is not developed but males are actually born with it. I believe that your sources may be coming from a Professor Aytac whos crack pot theories only succeed in making fun of the theories of the chode instead of bringing enlightenment to the area of interest.
Now, I bring forth a interesting topic.

Jews and Chodes.

Does the act of circumsicion increase the chance of the chode gene becoming dominant, and showing itself, or lessen it?
You bring up a good point ChoesRUs I have researched the specific Sean S patient myself. He has been mentioned in Chode Weekly Editiorial #2 in the April Edition. The author brought up extremely strong points about the beatings and sometimes rape, Which was said to cause the chode to formate. In an interview with the Sean S speciman, he has admitted to have a normal penis at one point in his life, but later after said beatings, showed transmutation into the chode. Sean S now lives as a Chode Right's Advocate in Alabama.
You realize that almost all males are circumsized at birth for health issues. Cutting the skin on one's penis does not manipulate the gene.
Sean S. has also told me that he would go through the barbaric act of injecting Crystal Meth directly into his eyes, an act which he enjoyed immensely.

He said he performed said act around other narcotics users, and his friends who fall under the 'emo' fandom.

I believe the direct injection of crystal meth into his eyes, coupled with an enviroment endowed with people teetering on the edge of homosexuality may have led Sean S. to engage in homosexual acts.

My theory is that the chode gene becomes dominant due to the 'goofy time' factor, and homosexuality.

I believe it becomes dominant because of homosexuality due to the fact that the anus must be widened for the partners to 'enjoy' the act of anal sex, and a chode would aid this.
Now, I bring forth a interesting topic.

Jews and Chodes.

Does the act of circumsicion increase the chance of the chode gene becoming dominant, and showing itself, or lessen it?

Now, there's a discussion topic.

Does anyone have any idea how circumsicion affects chodes and the growth of it? I have not gotten in-depth about this, and I will have to look up on this matter. Thank you for bringing this up ChodesRus!

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Chode Expert, All the evidence brought forward had logical data to back it up. Lets not start pointing fingers about the accuracy of said information. IF we did that, This discussion would make no progress.
The chode occurs through a series of mutations which would benefit mankind. A person cannot gain a chode because they want one, thats simply impossible.
To whoever is doing this I have to say one thing - thank you for making me feel normal, I was feeling a bit freakish today, and then I ran across this.
Thank you.
In many African Cultures in which females were dominant there was a custom which involved the chode as a sacred object. The "Amazonians" (one could call Amazonians because of their culture relations to female tribes in South America) would devour the chode of a dead male in a ceremonial process. Because of the chodes abnormal appearence it was embraced as somewhat holy in a sense and the person to be born with it would be treated as type of Demigod.
I am going to bed for now but I will keep you updated on my research as I journey into the depths to uncove rthe many mysteries of the "chode"
Maybe the devouring of said chodes in the ceremonies would increase the rate of the chode genome becoming dominant?
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