Why do people on IRC misbehave?

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I have been wondering about this for a long time:

a) Why is it that people on IRC are complete assholes?
b) Why is it that when I go to a #photoshop channel and I ask something about Photoshop, no one answers, or they make a sarcastic remark?
c) Why is it that when I go to a games channel and ask something about game, no one bothers to answer (even if I wait for a long time)? I don't ask the world's most difficult questions. I ask basic ones.

Still, people act like I don't exist or something.
I'm getting to idea everyone is stoned/an idiot/ or something else.

d) Why do people use irony/sarcasm?! It's just foul and I hate it. I hate people who use it.

What happened to normal discussions, normal social participation in chat channels?
It may not even be a help channel, but come on.
I can't just go into a channel, get a polite answer/idea/thoughts/participation from everyone and the chatter goes on constructively.
However, no, that's not how it goes down.
It goes down just like I described it above. Incredible.

I want to know the sociological reasons for all of these behaviors:

- why do people have the need to be complete assholes (rude language/behavior/sarcasm/carelessness/attacking people for no reason)

- why can't I just go into a channel and get normal participation

It just baffles me. I'm a nice person. I expect other people to be nice too.
Or does our society consist mainly of assholes?

Thanks for reading.
Or does our society consist mainly of assholes?

Most people are assholes if they think they can get away with it.
Obviously, you can get away with it at an IRC channel.

Most of the niceness you see in real life is just veneer; an act if you will.
A persona, yes. I admit I put on my persona most of the time but, I am genuinely a nice person. I guess I'm a rarity now these days (though I know another genuinely, 100% honest, nice person aswell).
People do that on IRC because they are mice in real life and cannot act manly there therefore they find a place where as Enmos said they can get away with it without getting beaten up or something like that. The sarcasm on channels is probably some clown trying to be cool in front of others. That however is just my theory of how things are.
People on all sorts of forums or channels do shit like that, because they can. In real life there would be social consequences to deal with after being an asshole. In cyberspace, not so much.
I'm getting to idea everyone is stoned/an idiot/ or something else.

If they were all stoned then they'd be more than happy to answer your questions...please don't group stoners with the idiots and assholes lest you wish to be perceived as one.

Anyways...people act like assholes because they are, in fact, assholes. As you'll find, anonymity has a way to bring out a person's true nature.
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