Why Do We Dream?


Yes that makes sense, although I am 49 and my Melatonin levels should have started to drop by now. However, my family members are long-lived, so perhaps it is still early for me.

I'll review this after I'm 50.

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You have to find your own weakness and supplement it for life because that weakness may be DNA based.
Peptides, hormones and neurotransmitters are a class of proteins. There are smaller than standard proteins. Peptides such as the adrenomedullins, the hypocretins/orexins, and the recently described prolactin releasing peptides. What these peptides have in common is the ability to alter cardiac performance by actions in the brain. Some of the peptides are released during sleep cycle and act on the brain and body to repair and provide different functions.

Do a Google on peptide synthesis brain....also since neurotransmitters are also peptides, you can find out their cycle vs sleep.
Okay,here's an interesting update.

According to researching survey conducted by MIT,(testing done on Multiple Human Subjects).the Temperature rise or fall directly affects the dreaming rocess.
a simple example of this concurrently illustrated by various subject was given by a man called Alan during tests by MIT.he displayed not only increased brain activity,but after a certain level of rise in temperatures,he dreamt Devils.
the other times (temp rising)he dreamt of things like death and other sad events.

contrary to this,the same subject when sleeping in low temperatures dreamt of Heavens and good places,another subject dreamt of having sex with her High school Boyfriend and so forth.

PS:the survey was conducted on weekly basis.test subject were 25+ all.there were exactly 100 people subjects.the research took about 18 months,and three months of analysing time.
Source:Sci Am.