Why does a bear shit in the woods?

Not always true. - I have seen evidence of their deposits here.:eek:
A bear doesn't necessarily shit in the woods. They sometimes shit on the plains, in the mountains, on a city street, in a city park, in a zoo, in a river, ....., or most anywhere he happens to be when he feels like taking a shit.

Baron Max
Obviously Polar Bears would love to shiznit in the woods, considering that the Arctic temperatures get pretty cold and a wood actually keeps the ambient temperature warmer than out on a frozen tundra.

This would save many a bear behind from the cold.
I think the deeper question here though is why does the bear shite in the woods.

There are the obvious reasons:

- The bear is in the woods and must, as we all do, take a dump.

- The bear is not in the woods but craves privacy so goes to the wood to defecate.

- The bear hates the woods and wishes to shit it up as much as possible

- The bear loves the woods and wishes to discourage others from entering by shitting it up as much as possible

I think there must be a better answer.

Does a bear poo in the woods? ...yes & it also wipes its own arse...