Why does Draqon support nuclear war?

Yeah, Cold War Mentality always is a trip: Ultimatums, mammie.

Finale' is grandiose, and a lot of these characters, when devised of themselves; could have nukes launched. 'Slip of the Tongue' 'ill do it...

Wonder if we'll get the illustrious E.B.S. system to add that in again?

"In case of a nuclear event, you will be directed to go where it will be safe..."?

Used to cause quite a stir. Beat two guys in the face that came smacking at me, during these system tests...Glawrious!
If Cheney was POTUS we would nuke Iran, Syria, NKorea, and possibly Russia and China if they don't start behaving. I would support a hit on Iran if Iminajihad doesn't stop his bs.

All of which would cause untold numbers of abortions.
I guess you are pro abortion after all.