Why is gravity all attraction toward earth.

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(Ever since that momentous time Adam’s apple fell on the lap of napping Newton, “simpleton” gravity has become intriguing, more intriguing, that up to now, gravity is ranked one of the eleven greatest (if not the greatest) unanswered questions in physics, according to Dr. Michael Turner, Ph.
D. and many other physicists. Yes, why does the apple falls downward toward the center of Earth and not up to outer space? The following almost four decades of sleuthing finally dissects, like surgical knife, and unlocks the true nature and behavior of gravity).

Two phenomena, working together as one, are responsible “why gravity is all attraction toward earth?”, namely: (a)The attraction gravity of Newton, and the “no-force” space-time gravity of Dr. Einstein The attraction gravity of Newton is the making of the unerring Opposite Law, re-like repulse, UNLIKE ATTRACT, and is manifested in all matters in the universe. All matters, from largest to smallest, have opposite properties, re-positive and negative; north pole and south pole; protons and electrons , male and female, name it, and there are always two opposites. The space-time gravity of Dr. Einstein is the skein or fabric of just the whole outer space, and such spacetime is simply making itself felt by effortlessly weighing, pressing all over such suspended ball, called, earth, and other suspended bodies in the universe.
It appears strongly that both the attraction gravity of Newton and spacetime gravity of Einstein work together, inseparably, as one, like two sides of a coin. There is not one slice of the spacetime wherein there is no attraction gravity, and neither is there one iota of attraction gravity, (re- particularly the extension gravitational field of earth), not completely enveloped by spacetime.

How was earth and gravity on earth created? It appears that from the beginning, re-the primordial emanation of dust, clouds of dust in outer space, the inherent Law of Opposite operated, re-the UNLIKE ATTRACT property wiggled, re-positive to negative, aligning, and bonding the emanated mass of dust which had inherent positive and negative property, such “unlike attract” property winning over the “like repulse” property. This is the attraction gravity of Newton.. The attraction, alignment and bonding were from all directions toward the center of the gathering mass, contracting, heating, and condensing, until a circular lump was shaped and solidified, called earth, formed some forgotten five billion years ago. Earth was shaped like a ball, just like other suspended bodies in outer space, because the tendency of suspended matter to solidify in outer space is circular. Because earth is ball-shaped, slightly spherical, the strongest attraction gravity of Newton, re- unlike-attract alignment, is a straight line from one surface through the center of earth to the opposite surface, thus any surface of earth has strongest attraction gravity of Newton all downward bound toward the center of earth. But before, during, and after such Law of Opposite operated, space was there already existing, the space-time of Dr. Einstein whose matrix was curved as it caught earth in the making.. The ever presence of space-time, the whole outer space, has skein/matrix which weighs involuntarily, all over suspended bodies, like earth.. The effect is like this: at bottom of ocean , 2-kilometer deep, lives unearthly-looking fishes, unaware of the pressure of the deep ocean; at the bottom of earth’s atmosphere is home to human beings who cannot feel the several kilometers altitude atmosphere; in like manner, over all suspended earth and other suspended bodies in space, is simply the whole wide outer space, the space-time of Dr. Einstein, hanging with nothing to hang, freely weighing all over earth, the direction of the effortless weight was all toward the center .of earth. Thus, the over-all combined effect of Newton attraction gravity and spacetime gravity of Dr. Einstein is what is experienced on surface of earth , called “gravity”, all such combined gravity pulling and pressing evenly, toward the interior center of earth .

Some notes about the similarity of behaviors between Newton gravity and magnetism. Newton’s gravity , the weakest of the four fundamental forces of nature, is trillion times weaker than a magnet, but attraction gravity and magnetism have fundamentally the same positive and negative property of the unerring Law of Opposite.. By observing a magnet, the behavior of attraction gravity of Newton is unveiled: Cut, for instance, a bar magnet into half and cut further into smaller cuts, and each cut bar has positive and negative. Throw the cut magnet bars together and each cut bar will SEEK the opposite, re-positive attracts, aligns the negative, negative to positive. Arrange the cut-bars, one after another, the positive to negative to positive to negative to form one aligned cut bars, and always one end of the arranged aligned cut-bars is positive and opposite end is negative, and the aligned cut-bars is divided at the middle equally into positive and negative! Such, too, are the versatile behaviors of attraction gravity, with same inherent built-in intersecting positive and negative property of matter, the making of the governing Opposite Law of the universe..

When billions of tons of sea water on earth is being raised whenever the moon is overhead, this is the making of the attraction gravity of Newton, re-the gravitational fields of both moon and the earth locks, re-the positive-negative property of the moon, attracted, aligned and locked with the negative-positive property, respectively, of earth, (it also means that in that lock, there is electro-magnetism created that binds the two gravitational fields), but without the space-time gravity of Dr. Einstein, its unbreakable fabric, acting like super string, on which Newton’s attraction gravity tugs the earth and moon, there would have been no raising of sea water on earth, neither would the honeymoon between moon and earth last for long. When debates had prolonged whether the expansion of the universe can be halted and be pulled back to “big Crunch”, the concept is the attraction gravity of |Newton, the gravitational FORCE to hold and pull back the galaxies, but it is the unbreakable skein of space-time of Dr. Einstein that is being stretched and pulled. When light cannot escape in black hole because the infinitely contracted gravitational FORCE is so strong, the attraction gravity of Newton is referred, but it is the unbreakable spacetime of Einstein that catches and holds, like a bottomless hole-in-one trampoline, the super-heavyweight pint-size blackhole. Do the gravitational fields of earth and moon have electro-magnetic property? The attraction binding of gravitational fields of moon and earth implicates the existence of electro-magnetism, for only such electro-magnetic property can PULL and TUG the gravitational field earth and make ocean raised. In other words, the positive and negative property of moon binds the negative and positive property, respectively, of earth. It further implies that the universal gravitational fields created by the galaxies have electro-magnetic property too. What can invoke/generate electro-magnetism? Motion, the hi-speed orbit and rotation of earth and the super-super speed rotation (2 million miles per/hr., more or less) of galaxies generate electro-magnetism on the local and universal gravitational fields, which is intrinsic on the skein of space-time. Rotation makes generator create electro-magnetism. The presence of Van Allen Belt around earth, the millions of lightning that strike on earth almost daily, are evidences of the electro-magnetic property of rotating earth, a magnet, itself, with north and south poles. Further implication, electro-magnetic light has now a n electro-magnetic medium: electro-magnetic pure light waves, emanating from distant galaxy, travels, propagates on equally electro-magnetic universal and local gravitational fields, to contact electro-magnetic human eyes and brain, as preserved, intact, whole, with all colors, sounds and movements (just like receptions in radios and TVs).
..Here is further proof: why locked gravitational fields of earth and moon generate electro-magnetism, and why there exists locked gravitational fields between electron and nucleus of atom. As in macro so in micro: In micro-solar system of atom, electro-magnetism is generated by orbiting electrons around spinning nucleus, such electro-magnetism generated implies the existence of locked gravitational fields in the spacious micro-atom solar system which is 99.999999999999% space. In like manner, in macro-solar system, electro-magnetism, on gravitational level, is generated on the locked gravitational fields of earth orbiting around the spinning sun. Will electro-magnetic light from a distant star bend when passing by an equally electro- gravitational field of the sun? Yes. electro-magnetic light has mass, can be bent by electro-magnetic gravitational field of the sun, bent together with the spacetime curvature of Dr. Einstein. Here is the nail to the coffin: electromagnetic light is not only bent, but even can be sucked back by the same but strong electro-gravitational field of the black hole...

Why does a man falls down to Earth, like the famous “apple”, and not flies up to outer space? The immense joint gravity of Newton and Dr Einstein complement one another and work, as follows: The whole wide spacetime of Dr. Einstein freely crowding, flexing its weight on itself, involuntarily pushes its size all over earth while the gravity attraction of Newton pulls man (who has positive and negative, himself) downward, thus, both gravities work as one over earth and makes minuscular man all downward toward the center of earth. Thus, the familiar, off-repeated saying, “Gravity is all attraction toward Earth!”. Without both gravity of Newton and Dr. Einstein, no planet, nor star, nor galaxy would have solidified in the universe, neither would there have been existing living beings on Earth.

It appears the mystery that cloaks, for several centuries, simpleton gravity is finally torn and gravity, with all its glory, is at last laid naked....

Jose S. Aldea
Chairman - Capiz Scientists & Inventors Society – Philippines
e-mail: jsaldea12@yahoo.com

3rd. revised Philippine Copyright 2009

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