Why police detectives and the FBI consult psychics

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Not good enough, MR. Again: your claim = your responsibility to provide the evidence/sources/details/logic.

No..I'm not providing nitpicked details to you in distraction of the fact that psychics do indeed help solve crimes. I've provided plenty of confirmation of this. If you want the information on this case, look it up yourself.

Not good enough: You didn't answer my questions. I asked which ones and what information was provided. I didn't ask if one of the cops thinks the information was accurate, I asked what the information was and I asked how exactly did it help.

The source is the cop who worked on the case. Doesn't get any better than that.

Here's the basic problem, MR: cold reading and hot reading are techniques that really are proven to work. Unless it can be proven that the psychic provided information the police neither knew nor suspected, it can't be proven that the information was new and therefore had value. Beyond that, just saying the information was provided doesn't make it useful, which you have claimed it was. IE, saying the police "didn't know about all these murders" does not mean the "psychic" helped find the bodies.

LOL! Useful information is useful information, whether it was actually used or not.

Another way to do it that may be easier...Here's the wiki on the case:

I suggest you read it first and foremost because the things you are saying imply you don't know the events of the case very well (more on that later...if you read the article, you may wish to revise some of your claims.).

Actually I posted a whole article on the details of the psychics involvement in the case. An article you complained about as being flooding. Now you want even MORE information? Not happening. All the relevant information has been provided.

Then, among other things, you will see that no mention of the involvement of psychics is made anywhere in the article. No big guesses or anonymous informants that could be a cover-story for psychics, just good, fast police work. So in order for psychics to have played a relevant role, you need to point to me where in the article the mention of psychics should be. Like: (for example) they had no idea that there could be bodies in his house until a psychic told them there could be.

Not happening. If you're now doubting the psychics' involvement in the case, then there's not much more to say. The details have been well-documented. The confirmation of their visions has been confirmed. To now suggest they weren't even involved in the case is simply ridiculous. I'm no longer pandering to your little ploy to distract from the demonstrated fact that psychics help solve crimes in contradiction to your blatant claim that they don't. Remember that? Oh yeah. You were proven wrong about that weren't you? See post #194 again!
Govs will use people against there will in this.

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I remember back in 1998, i went for a job in uk police in oxford uk. It was not no job, it was similar thing to this thread.

I walked out of there thinking uk police station must be some sort of mental hospital or something. I could see why after this, that only free masons are allowed to higher positions of police in uk.

What ever the police were upto in testing me over those two days, i thought they were crack pots. Same really as this thread.

So police most definitely are into this sort of thing.

But like i said thx but no thanks.

So i am sure the uk police are into this. If uk police from uk oxford police station are reading this. All i say, f you, you nutters.
I consulted one, and she told me that nothing would come of this thread.

She got that right!
Go figure!

I consulted a psychic after the thread was apparently finished,
and she said that someone would restart it.
I haven't consulted a psychic... but if I did, she'd probably say something along the lines of

You tell em MR. Harry Potter is proud of you (he's real you know).
How can these people tell the difference between "the spirit world" as told by a psychic, and the "spiritual world" as told by an evangelist?

Delusions like these should be in the DSM.
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