Why Sciforums Should Not Be Destroyed: A Fond look at Chodes

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This has nothing to do with anything, but came up on my search for "good one" images.


Edit: On second thought, the man in the picture appears to be straining his choad.


(For those who don't see things very deeply, I'm not really complimenting Lori on her insult. It was actually quite inane but also to be expected.)

thanks for explaining to those who don't see things very deeply. :rolleyes:

there was really only one appropriate response to your comment...you know?

is that you in that pic? nice outfit. you look a little strung out though.
why are you snorting?
Because, like all women, you're attached to pathetic monologues concerning your womb with a fucking umbilical cord.

You drag it around like the entrails of whatever wartling you paid, like, 300 dollars to destroy trailing behind you--don't think I didn't already read about your oh-so-tragic abortion.

Hark-- and what do mine eyes, twinkling like stars in these tangled woods, perceive:
and my arctic shoulder back then wasn't a little more each day, it was one big swoop with a big sharp knife, accomplished in an afternoon, for approximately $300. call me practical.


You're like my mother hogging the floor whenever the word 'pregnancy' pops up.

You had an abortion-- I just farted. So?

Let me chode you a question.
For those not 'in the know'-- he's mimicking a Negro slaughtering the English language with "Let me told you a question"

How long have those adaptive protocols been commencing?
I don't see what I just quoted.
I refuse to see it.

Therefore, Occam's razor: it does not exist.

Anyway, this is interesting:

the only thing immaturity has to gain is maturity and sadly enough, some people don't ever get it.
So, Miss Lory.

Define maturity and your claims to being, shall we say, 'it'.

Then, define "Art"
Lori7 said:
art is an expression. what is expressed depends upon the artist, and what is appreciated depends upon the connoisseur.

Na. The "connoisseur" is the pervert. Nothing wrong with that too. The artist, after all, is an open window.

did I miss a fucking meeting or something?
Yes, you have.

A long time ago, in yesterland, when Lory here had the unmitigated gall to insult what I wrote as "pretentious bullshit".

I didn't even know who the girl was-- and I, like Sisyphus, remember everything.

She's been paying for it since.
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