Why So Many Great Flood Traditions?

We do know that sea-levels rose very rapidly during the early Holocene circa 11,700 years ago. It has been hypothesized that there were many more strong and violent storms during those risings. When we look at the evidence from gobekli tepe and Klaus Schmidt's claim that the older megalithic "temples" were the best constructed circa 10th millennium bc(the pillars of which have many carved animals), then it is a very short leap to assume that these buildings were an echo of a(or many) drowned civilization(s). The drowning of which is most likely echoed in flood stories.
Give it another 20 years or so and we'll be talking about the next flood of biblical proportions.

I really don't understand why we speak of any natural disaster in biblical terms. In days of old, yes, when we did not know any better, but is there any reason to associate the bible with any natural disaster today, or yesterday for that matter?

As Carlin said: "people build their homes at the foot of a volcano and wonder why they have lava in their living room".

If we didn't have tv we would not know about the last Great Tsunami which killed a few hundred thousand people, but we would read all about it in local scriptures as a great punishment of god. Why are these disasters always associated with punishment from some god?

Drop the myth from the stories and we have a reasonable account of natural disasters, which we now know to occur every so often on a global scale.