Why the Scipowers are idiots.

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or doing the splits?:p

or riding, ballet, netball ect?

There are LOTS of things women are better designed for
Like running up a hill for a mile?

Unfortunately, yes. But if they trained for six months, there would be a 90 percent chance that they could beat me. Train for 12 months, and unless I also trained, it would be certain. If I and they started training at the same time, I would still beat them at the end of six or twelve months.
Wow, wasn't it such a great idea to invite Wanderer and Dr Lou Natic back to SciForums? Their valuable contributions are as good as ever. All our fears that they would continue to be disruptive loser jerks were unfounded.

Well, argue like human beings and you will find that people like Wanderer have more reason to care what you think.
or doing the splits?:p

or riding, ballet, netball ect?

There are LOTS of things women are better designed for

Every realistic measure of "superiority" is earned and excuses don't cut it. I earned these muscles. They are bought and paid for, and worked for. The same goes for my intellect.
God I hope that men are not "better women."

If you really want to get technical about it, I am talking about asymmetrical warfare. This is practiced by individuals and groups who feel that they are attacking a more powerful force, aka "their betters." In the cases of environmentalists (including animal rights posers) and for some reason in the case of feminists, these groups want power at the same time that they claim that the existing power structure is corrupt, largely because said structure has power. They started out using abusive methods to gain that power, although I suppose you can qualify this by saying one thing that is true, that neither movement was actually much known. Most people don't know the actual time that either movement began, but both movements were far more beneficial before Gloria Steinem or Edward Abbey. It seems to me that the feminists of Margaret Mead's time were far more based in reality, and conservationists who worked to preserve forests and populations of animals were around for sixty years before "environmentalists" started bombing college campuses. About the time of Gloria Steinem those movements went tits up, no pun intended.

Similarly, several of the moderators here are using similar methods to dispose of superior logic and facts.


I am sad I came after it all to be honest. I would have loved to set fire to my bra in protest of my socially assigned female roles.

Burn baby burn!!

I am a male in his late 40s, significantly overweight, with asthma and a heart condition, and there is a better than 90 percent chance that I can beat any female adult, chosen at random, at any test of strength and endurance.
That's a bit of a boast, don't you think?

Even so, what I am talking about is women "playing the victim" to look for pity. Now I'm supposedly an attacker if I render an honest opinion that puts women in a bad light. On the other hand I could accuse men of being virulent rapists with limp penises all day and not get a peep of protest.
I doubt anyone would view you as an 'attacker'. They might call you a misogynist for some of what you might say. You could also be called 'stupid' if you did accuse all men of being rapists and limp. From men and women.

Bringing it home: The behavior of animal rights activists, environmental activists, a lot of scientists, AIDS activists, and yes, feminists, has been such that their credibility has been destroyed with anyone who actually uses an analytical and skeptical mind to rate their credibility. Each named group sticks with repeatedly debunked fallacious "facts" and reasoning, threatens and silences critics, and gets worse every time someone demands that they explain themselves and why their views don't match readily observable realities.
If someone states the facts are wrong, and have no real proof of it, of course they are going to be rejected. For example, those who deem HIV as being curable or non-existent would be rejected if studies are shown that their own version of the facts are wrong. How can I put this.. just because you say it is so does not make it so. Studies and research is usually done before new ideas are rejected as being false. If the individual who came up with the idea does not agree, then he/she is usually the one who cries foul and views everyone within that particular scientific community as being liars and sheep.

And they whine.
What is your favourite cheese?

Well, argue like human beings and you will find that people like Wanderer have more reason to care what you think.
Argue like a human being? You do realise that Wanderer's main form of argument and debate is to call everyone a retard, imbecile and a fagot, don't you?

Crunchy Cat said:
Make the subjective objective and vice versa? Old trap.
Indeed.. Shhhhh..:p

Asguard said:
There are LOTS of things women are better designed for
Child birth. You try passing a child out of your willy after 18 hours of labour, then immediately getting up to give the child a feed, bath, have a shower and then look 'presentable' for visitors that converge to "see the baby". Then stay awake for the next 3 months feeding the damn thing. You want endurance? That's endurance!!:p
Mmmmmm wine and cheese, now your just making me hungry bells:p

I will submit thats another one:p
Also fighting, women seem to feel no restraint about hitting where it hurts, and then complaining when THEY get hurt:mad: god i used to hate my sister

How disappointing. Expected though. Reversion to type.

They are fagots.

Do you have issues with homosexuality?

5- KingJames R,etard is a girlish imbecile who can only stand up to a challenge by banning it.

Do you have issues with women? You think "girlish" is an insult?

What challenge, by the way? Do you imagine you are presenting some kind of challenge? Certainly not any kind of intellectual challenge.

You sure think you're showing us all what a strong, powerful man you are, though, don't you? No faggots or girls can compete with you. Ooh, you're so butch!

You're better at insulting people behind their backs than to their face, though, I hear. A bit of a coward, I'd say.

7-The entire forum of SciKindom is populated by simplistic and mediocre minds.

And where can we find your magnificent contribution to humanity? Just so we can compare, you understand.

10-This forum sucks. Why say more?

So leave.

Or do you feel like you need to go out with a bang? Will that make you feel important? Will it gain you brownie points at spurious's shitforums (as they call it there)?

P.S. I can't help but notice that you devote an inordinate amount of your time and energy to this forum, despite constantly claiming that it is a waste of your planet-sized ego - oops, brainpower.
To me the real issue is that the followers of these movements get abusive. I don't know if Wanderer is responding to abuse that he was exposed to, but his speech sounds a lot like such a response. His first message in this thread looks like some real thought went into it.

If people who are part of a movement do not understand simple common courtesy, or simple methods for proving their own points, they can't possibly understand their own movement. The AIDS people are abusive. They don't understand organic chemistry, microbiology, or AIDS. The Andrea Dworkin types don't understand feminism, and neither do the "shut up or I will shut you up" male followers. The environmentalists don't understand what goes into saving the environment or how much progress industry has actually made, which is a lot more than the environmentalists have. The animal rights people will make most animals extinct because of their cluelessness. And a lot of people will leave this site permanently because the moderators have been abusive and clueless.
If it sucks so bad why not remove yourself from it? Or better yet, if your so smart why not try starting some discussions that stray from the "boring repetition" that you see, instead of complaining about it why not actively try to change the enviroment here. If you powers of argument are so great then you should be able to shame those mods who you say claim to be so superior through the power of argument and reasoning, not the power of the insult which you seem more than happy to use.

Because the moderators are in the habit of clamping down on interesting and productive discussions. "Safe" topics are not productive.
the only reason i leave the greek and doc alone is cos i want them back in here.
evolving not stagnant

muster up some genuine compassion for the retards
james will let you be
sci payed me my biggest compliment by way of the lunatic
wanna see?

who is this metakron fella?
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