Why we are here

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We are here as the result of a 14 billion year old cascade of cause and effect. The universe neither knows we are here or cares. Our lives are a mere speck of activity, energy and matter coinciding in a brief pattern of coherence, only to be swept away again, our shadows reflecting into the future until they ultimately fade out and disappear, our names forgotten, our species a footnote of history.
Why are we here?

Because some of us have nowhere else to go.
We are here because if we were over there, there would be here. So we are at someone else's there.
I was nice enough to not point out your post's irrelevance, if you want to argue the details. Unless you want to expand on what a god needs with gold?
God thought about why we are here?

Please elaborate.:confused:

Also, which God?

My God. God thought himself into existence when he realized self, and other. He then created angels, and for some reason we are here now.
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