wierd sex dream n lucid dream questions

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i have lucid sex dreams all the time. i love it but they normally happen after 6 or 7 hours of sleep. i cant remember 2 much of the stuff. :m:

most of these dream r really good, but i never know who the women r. i must be having sex with someone or something out in the lucid arena, but who?

recently i had 2 experiences, the first was a dick being put in my mouth while dreaming. i woke up immediately. then a few weeks later it was a similar dream, but this time i could suck my own dick in the dream and i did. normally i cant reach, or i might. was this some fucked up dream being having me suck his dick? i am totally serious about this. :eek:

also i mentioned in a previous thread, i was on the verge of falling asleep, or i was asleep n i heard a female real voice calling me. it scared the hell out of me n i woke right up n no one was there. where did this voice originate from? it only happened once but freaked me out completely!

also is it strange for my girl 2 have me fuck her in her sleep? she calls it a sneak attack affectionately..... :D
As long as we're talking about sex dreams, one time I got fucked up the ass by Gimli, that dwarf from Lord of the Rings. I remember it being rather rough; my ass hurt pretty bad when I woke up.
You really have to up your standards if the only person in Lord of the Rings out of all of the good looking or at least half way decent looking characters in the movie you could dream of having sex with is Gimli. Then again on second thought he is kinda cute in a middle earth kinda way. Never mind.
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