Wikipedia and the TWO basic layers of illuminati core lies, from Copernicus to 9/11

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The Illuminati are growing weaker as time passes. It's a result of their need for secrecy.

Imagine for a moment--as improbable as it seems--that I somehow become the head of a large entity in an Illuminati-dominated sector; say, a bank or insurance company. Their extensive dossier would suggest that I am a bad candidate for Illuminati membership; my politics are recorded as such that I would eventually and with calculation betray the Illuminati in such a manner as to do maximum damage. Their problem is that as enlightened ideas about society and the human station in the Universe spread, such secretive bodies have a difficult time recruiting the most talented hands. Someone might have talent, but they can't invite or adopt that person because they either present a security risk or will betray the Illuminati. There's a reason that has nothing to do with the power to censor the news that we don't hear about "random" murders in which the victim coincidentally was invited to join the Illuminati. That reason is, simply, such an organization is smart enough to not take such a risk.

So while there may be around a million or more suitably-talented candidates around the world, very few of these are viable potential members. Even one who seems psychologically settled in a way the Illuminati would appreciate might be the first generation of such thinkers in the family, and the dangers of latent customs or familial standards are too great to risk the secret of world domination.

In the end, the "Illuminated Ones" are being strangled by enlightenment itself.

This is the sort of fundamental problem with any given large-scale conspiracy theory. There may well be a de facto Illuminati, a motley collection of people whose values coincide with those of the alleged secret society. But their evil is one of circumstance. Consider the GOP, for instance. These folks don't wake up thinking, "How can I hurt people today? Should it be the Mexicans? The women? The blacks?" It's just that their principles--nobly mythologized in their own minds--have these effects, and the justifications for these effects are myriad even if we don't accept them. In a way, many conservatives are victims of conservative ideology: bred and conditioned to believe in a justice that isn't really just, they never stood a chance from the outset.

Think about how many people are required to make the Illuminati so powerful. Especially in the modern era, it's nearly impossible for such an organization to exist. And if one somehow did exist, I can assure you that these apocryphal accounts stitched together from so many stained and faded scraps of "truth" would present a final mosaic that looks nothing like the reality it alleges.

In the end, the Illuminati could just as well be a small circle of Italian-American greengrocers who just happen to have among them a willing participant in the world's only legitimate perceptive psychic.
There is a plan for this world.
If you don't have a plan for it, believe me, someone else does.
Ban these people.

I think you should be banned, or at least slapped.
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Why is it that when you hear someone talking about THE TRUTH, you end up hearing a load of made up nonsense.
Because the truth is just another chance for the trolls to make it into some type of conspiracy... yet again... just like crop circles.
I registered to poke holes in this ridiculous theory, and unfortunately, the poster is already banned.
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